Lab directory

Director : Alain ENJALBERT

Center for Research in Neurobiology and Neurophysiology of Marseille

The teams :

  • SIG-NET : SIGnalling in NeuroEndocrine Tumors (Anne Barlier)
  • Neuroimmune interactions and nervous system pathologies (José Boucraut)
  • Roles of transcription factors and clock genes in pituitary pathophysiology (Thierry Brue)
  • Axonal Domain Architecture (Bénédicte Dargent)
  • Ion Channels and Sensory Transduction (Patrick Delmas)
  • Neuron-glia interactions and neuropathology (Catherine Faivre-Sarrailh)
  • Gliotransmission & synaptopathies (Jean-Pierre Mothet)
  • Integration of visceral informations (Fabien Tell)

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Director : Thierry Hasbroucq

Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience

The teams :

  • Cognition and pathophysiology of the basal ganglia (Abdel-Mouttalib Ouagazzal)
  • Attention, chronometry and brain dynamics (Boris Burle)
  • Neural bases of spatial cognition (Francesca Sargolini)
  • Neural bases of sensori-motor behavior (Jean Blouin)
  • Music, language and writing (Marieke Longcamp)
  • Neurodevelopment of motor and social cognition (Christine Assaiante)
  • Neural basis of somatosensory functions (Patrick Delmas)
  • Brain, obesity and diet imbalance (Jean-Denis Troadec)
  • ATIP Neural bases of motivation (Frédéric Ambroggi)

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Director : Rosa Cossart

Mediterranean Neurobiology Institute

The teams :

  • A developmental scaffold for the organization of adult cortical networks (Rosa Cossart)
  • Neuronal coding of space and memory (Jérôme Epsztein)
  • Early activity in the developing brain (Rustem Khazipov)
  • Adolescence and developmental vulnerability to neuropsychiatric diseases (Olivier Manzoni/ Pascale Chavis)
  • The neural bases of sensorimotor learning (David Robbe / Ingrid Bureau)
  • NICE2: Neonatal, Infantile and Childhood Epilepsies and Encephalopathies (Pierre Szepetowski)
  • Neuronal coding and plasticity in epilepsy (Valérie Crépel)
  • Molecular basis and pathophysiology of cortical development disorders (Carlos Cardoso)
  • Early life imprinting and neurodevelopmental disorders (Françoise Muscatelli-Bossy)

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Director : Michel KHRESTCHATISKY

Institute of NeuroPhysiopathology

The teams :

  • BBB and neuroinflammation (Michel Khrestchatisky)
  • Neural plasticity and degeneration (Santiago Rivera)
  • Genes, rhthym and neurophysiopathology (François Féron)
  • Neurobiology of mnesic processes (François Roman)
  • Neuro-inflammation and multiple sclerosis (Sophie Desplat-Jégo)
  • Stem cells, disease modeling and neuroregeneration (Emmanuel Nivet)
  • NeuroCyto: the neuronal cytoskeleton in physiology and disease (Christophe Leterrier)
  • Gliomagenesis and microenvironment (Dominique Figarella-Branger)
  • Cytoskeleton and Neurophysiopathology (Hervé Kovacic / Vincent Peyrot)
  • Angiogenesis and tumor microenvironment (L'Houcine Ouafik)
  • Vect-Horus (Alexandre Tokay / Jamal Temsamani)

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Director : Guillaume MASSON

Timone Neuroscience Institute

The teams :

  • Inference in Visual Behaviours (InVibe) (Guillaume Masson)
  • Basal Ganglia, Motivation and Reward (Christelle Baunez)
  • Neural basis of communication (BaNCo) (Pascal Belin)
  • Cognitive Motor Control (CoMCo) (Thomas Brochier)
  • Live imaging of cell interactions in the normal and diseased brain (Franck Debarbieux)
  • Methods and Computational Anatomy (Olivier Coulon)
  • Plasticity and Physio-pathology of rhythmics Motor networks (Frédéric Brocard)
  • Social Cognition across Lifespan and Pathologies (SCaLP) (Christine Deruelle)
  • Micro-RNA and social cognition (mirCOS) (Eduardo Gascon Gonzalo)
  • Spinal Cord and CSF Interface (Nicolas WANAVERBECQ)
  • dynamic NEuronal OPerations in visual TOpographic maps ( NEOPTO) (Frédéric Chavane)
  • AP2 (Bénédicte Dargent)

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