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Spending time abroad

Our partner universities

In this context of globalization, we encourage exchanges among our students and researchers.


An Erasmus+ agreement signed in 2015 allows students of L3 neuroscience and AMU’s Master of neurosciences to do an internship in a research laboratory in Helsinki, Finland, or in Oldenburg, near Bremen, Germany. They can also take courses there.

Conversely, we welcome students from the University of Helsinki and the University of Oldenburg to do internships in Marseille laboratories affiliated to the Master of Neurosciences. Some of them have even been able to participate in Problem-Based Learning (PBL) modules, which can be given in English.

These exchanges strengthen international collaborations between research laboratories, as does the participation of Finnish researchers in M2 colloquia.

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Helsinki University

University of Helsinki

The advantages: 

A very lively port metropolis

A renowned university (top 100)

A Neuroscience Centre with high-performance technical platforms (flow cytometry, in vivo microscopy, behavioural analysis of mice, cell culture, fish animal facilities, etc.).

All master courses taught in English

Host teams in Helsinki

Several Finnish researchers have in the past offered to host trainees:

You can also consult the Neuroscience Center website for a longer list of teams.

Contact them if you are interested in participating in their research project.

Université d'Oldenbourg

Oldenburg University

The advantages:

The charm of a small university town

Important research in sensory neuroscience

All master courses taught in English

Numerous events organized for international students


Host teams in Oldenburg

In Oldenburg, the following neuroscience and neuropsychology laboratories offer to host our students:

Do not hesitate to contact them to find out about their research and availability.

*Warning, you must have validated the “lab animal science course” or the equivalent before being able to work on the animal.

**Only open to trainees who have experience in EEG.

The Université de Montréal

As long-time partners, Aix-Marseille University and the Université de Montréal are seeking to strengthen their ties in the field of neuroscience.

Our M2 students can complete a research internship in the laboratories of researchers affiliated with the UdeM Neurosciences Department, or take courses for the Master’s degree in neuroscience.

Conversely, we are very happy to welcome Montreal students (in the Master’s courses or in research teams affiliated with the Master’s in Neuroscience), as well as Montreal teacher-researchers, for example as speakers in the M2 colloquia.

2023 update : this partnership is currently suspended while the agreement is being renewed

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Université de Montréal

Université de Montréal

The advantages:

A cosmopolitan metropolis

A world-renowned university
A major centre of neuroscience
Cutting-edge research in all areas of neuroscience

Host teams in Montreal

Several researchers have already offered internships in Montreal:

Don’t limit yourself to this list, which is still under development. However, your supervisor must be affiliated with the Department of Neurosciences, whose researchers are listed here (here in pdf format).

Note that our scholarships are available for exchanges to Montreal in M2 only.

Please note that the UdeM must validate the applications very early on, so we call for applications at the end of M1 (usually around June) for a departure to M2.

Consult the UdeM website to find out more

CIVIS European University

Eight European universities have joined forces to build a European University Alliance called “CIVIS“.

A network creating links across Europe and beyond

This alliance created under the European University Statute meets the criteria of the European Commission’s “Erasmus +” call and brings together some 384,000 students and 55,000 staff members.

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We do not yet have the detailed list of neuroscience teams for all the members of the European University CIVIS. If you are interested in a laboratory, please contact it and specify that you are applying for NeuroSchool outgoing mobility grants.

Host teams in Tübingen

The university officials in Tübingen are enthusiastic about welcoming our students:

Here is the list of laboratories related to neuroscience at the University of Tübingen: Tübingen – laboratories

The first student from Marseille went to Tübingen in 2019 for an internship with Birgit Derntl’s team.

For your part, do not hesitate to contact the laboratories to find out about their research and availability.

Host teams in Brussels

As our partnership is brand new, so far, only Dr Philippe Peigneux’ team has welcomed one of our trainees. Visit the website of the Institut de Neurosciences de l’ULB to discover other research teams.

Host teams in Rome

Host teams in Madrid

Here are some possible host teams related to the autonomous university of Madrid :


Host teams in Stockholm

Host teams in Glasgow

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