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It has become vital for future researchers to be confronted with a variety of environments. We therefore wish to send our students and teachers to partner universities abroad and welcome theirs in return.


The international relations department of Aix-Marseille University has set up numerous partnerships, notably with the member universities of the European university CIVIS. The ambition of CIVIS is “to bring Europeans closer together and improve the international competitiveness of higher education institutions”. Consequently, international exchanges are no longer the prerogative of students, but of all the staff of the various universities.

Our partner universities

Three partner universities and involvement in the European Civis University, which opens up exchange opportunities at seven other universities. 

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Athens, Brussels, Bucharest, Helsinki, Madrid, Montreal, Oldenburg, Rome, Stockholm, Tübingen... And you, where do you want to go?

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Going abroad

All the information you need to go abroad.

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Coming to Marseille

Are you coming to join us in Marseille? All the information you need is here.

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