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Useful links

You will find here all the useful links regarding neurosciences, funding, employment, student life etc.


  • Ph.D. Program in Neuroscience

The PhD program launched at La Timone in 2013 offers training, tutored seminars and funding (for conferences or for postdocs in industry) to any registered neuroscience PhD student of Marseille.

  • ITMO Neuroscience

The Multi-Organization Thematic Institute (ITMO) in neuroscience, cognitive science, neurology, and psychiatry aims at grouping all the actors of French research studying the nervous system, whether with basic or clinical approaches.

  • Société des Neurosciences and FENS

In France, the Société des Neurosciences has over 2,500 members and aims at promoting research in all areas of neuroscience. Every 2 years, it organizes a week-long meeting with plenary lectures, thematic symposia and poster sessions. The NeuroFrance 2023 conference will be held in Lyon in May 2023!
The Société des neurosciences is part of the Federation of European Neuroscience Societies (FENS), which organizes a forum that brings together European researchers every other year.

  • Society for neuroscience

Similarly, in the United States, the Society for Neuroscience (SfN) brings together neuroscientists and organizes every year in October or November, the world largest gathering of neuroscientists.

  • Allen Brain Atlas

Excellent atlases of the brain and spinal cord, with the expression of almost all genes.

  • Mouse anatomy

Anatomical images of the mouse from Imaios (in French)

  • Pubmed – Bookshelf

Free online access to science textbooks.

Meetings, posters & oral presentations

For conferences in Marseille, visit our Events page.

Tips :

Science outreach

Interested in popularizing brain science? Join the Brain Awareness Week! You can give presentations (in pairs) in schools, in Marseille and the surrounding area, around mid-March. A slideshow will be prepared on the theme of the year. ContacEdourd Pearlstein.

Hands-on trainings in a real biology laboratory, for high school students or patients’ associations.

Aix-Marseille University is associated to a number of outreach events such as the Souk des sciences (June).

Listing of scientific events in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region

A blog edited by several neuroscience Ph.D. students

Student life

Funding and advice for a PhD

Financing an internship

In Marseille :

And beyond :

Funding for International Students

  • CampusBourses, the directory of scholarship programs to finance your studies in France.
  • NeuroSchool scholarships for international PhD students (see our Calls)

Checklists to help international PhD students

Two checklists to help international PhD students coming to Marseille, once they’ve obtained funding:
one for PhD students,
the other for their supervisor(s).

Websites to find a job in science

Individual Development Plan : to determine which scientific career (including outside academia) is closest to your skills and your desires (in English).

The TalentToday and DocPro websites can help you identify your skills.

Job offers for Ph.D.’s:

Others :

In the lab

Molecular biology

Health and safety

Laboratory animal use and care


Computer science



AMU tools :

Other tools :

Online courses and conferences

Online courses (MOOC)

Some course suggestions :

… and the list goes on!

Online conferences

Living in Marseille


Just for fun

Research, science and Ph.D. viewed by cartoonists :

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