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The professionalization of our students is our priority throughout their studies. 

NeuroSchool offers training in neuroscience from the third year of the bachelor’s degree to the doctorate level. The professionalization of our students is our priority throughout their studies.

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Discover NeuroSchool's training courses which offer a complete and innovative neuroscientific curriculum. Each year, more than 300 students follow our courses from the third year of a bachelor's degree to a doctorate and a master's degree.

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Study-to-work transition

A tailor-made programme 

We aim to make our scientific training a tailor-made programme that maximises quality and efficiency, and values individual preferences and skills.

We seek to increase our students’ employability and lead them to satisfy professional lives by improving the personal professional project of each individual and implementing four tracks.

A few tips for your study-to-work transition

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Track for an

Academic career

This track is dedicated to students who wish to pursue a career as a researcher or a lecturer in France or abroad. A panel of specialized courses is offered with graded levels of difficulties, including training on scientific writing, while international internships are highly encouraged. Undergraduate students are introduced early to research as they work on small collaborative research projects. New courses and workshops on laboratory management will be included. Finally, a distinctive mentoring of postdoctoral projects will be part of the Individual Career Plans. 

Track for a career in

Clinical research

NeuroSchool wishes to increase the interactions between basic and clinical research. Both medical and scientific students can attend or organize courses or international workshops on clinical topics. To reinforce the link between research and clinical practice, NeuroSchool will offer ten 1-year PhD fellowships to highly motivated and talented medical or paramedical (orthophonists, orthoptists, physiotherapists, radiographers...) students to do a PhD in neuroscience.

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Track for a career in the


For several years, the master's and doctoral programs have had fruitful interactions with local biotechnology companies. For example, MSc students can do an internshipin a biotech company and benefit from one-week training in business creation while young AMU PhDs in neuroscience can be awarded one-year postdoctoral salaries to work in a biotech linked to neuroscience. Note that all our previous grantees now have long-term contracts in the companies that hired them as postdocs.

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Professional training

From bachelor to doctorate discover our complementary courses

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DESU "Communication et vulgarisation scientifiques"

Each year, about fifteen NeuroSchool students (M1, M2 and PhD) follow the DESU "Communication et vulgarisation scientifiques", offered by the Aix Marseille School of Journalism and Communication (EJCAM). During the course, the following topics are covered : 
• Communication strategies for organisations
• Writing workshop and scientific popularisation
• Editorial design
• Communicating through images
• Communication and scientific controversies

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CESU "Conception de procédures expérimentales - Rongeurs"

In 2019, 42 M2 students and 6 doctoral students completed the Certificate of Advanced University Studies (C.E.S.U.) Design of Experimental Procedures - Rodents (level B). This course is one of the only regulatory courses on animal experimentation in France, which is both qualifying and certifying.

DESU Data Science

In 2022, we are introducing a new degree entitled "data science applied to neuroscience" which will enable our students to strengthen their data science skills. The objective of the course is to master approaches commonly used in data science to analyse and visualise large amounts of multi-parametric data structured in Python (Statistics, Machine learning, Deep learning).

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Build a professional network

We also establish the importance of networking among our students through various actions.
• Workshops on writing and correcting CVs, LinkedIn profiles and cover letters are regularly offered to master students and PhD students. Simulated job interviews and professional photos are also available.
• One of our missions is to support PhD students and the student association Neuronautes in the preparation of meetings with professionals (Neurotalks, seminars, colloquia etc). 

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