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Research at NeuroMarseille represents more than 950 people in 9 laboratories and 75 research teams.

Academic research in Marseille

The strength of Marseille academic research in neuroscience arises from three main features:

  • Firstly, nearly 75 teams in 9 research laboratories are working towards excellence in neuroscience research in Marseille, collaborating with each other and with teams from around the world. In close collaboration with Neuroschool, they offer training through research to students who sometimes come from far away and benefit from state-of-the-art tutoring;
  • Secondly, tight links with clinical units and translational research. The university hospital of La Timone is ranked 3rd in Europe and all levels of research benefit from this internationally recognised medical expertise, which is also available locally
  • Thirdly, a rich and stimulating interdisciplinary environment: neuroscience is closely linked to many other disciplines represented in Marseille by world-renowned laboratories and institutes. Whether in physics, computer science and mathematics for cross-disciplinary research on IA (with e.g. the Centuri Institute – Turing Center for Living Systems) or in immunology and developmental biology for all questions related to degenerative diseases. Not forgetting the MarMaRa (Rare Diseases) or Imaging Institutes at the cutting edge of imaging techniques, thanks to which neuroscience is progressing every day.

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Our laboratories

Marseille is a major centre of European neuroscience thanks to its 9 research laboratories and 75 research teams. 

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Research kit

Find on this page the main resources for the staff of the NeuroMarseille Institute laboratories.

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In the first year of the master's program (M1), the practical training period in a laboratory generally lasts 4 weeks (June) but sometimes extends into the summer.
In M2, students do a 5-month internship between January and May.
The vast majority of these internships take place in AMU neuroscience research laboratories, but internships abroad and in companies are authorized and even encouraged.

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Internship and job offers

Looking for an internship or a job? Maybe the offer of your dreams is right here!

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Below you will find two documents available for download:

  • The NeuroMarseille Directory: the 75 teams composing the “research” force of NeuroMarseille, including 4 associated teams working in multidisciplinary institutes, the clinical teams and those of the Biotech partners are all listed in this document. You will find research topics, team leaders, a way to contact them, and the techniques and skills mastered by each team.
  • The practical guide to the research units of AMU (in French): a useful day-to-day work tool, thanks to a simplified presentation of processes, the highlighting of points of vigilance and reference documents, and the clear identification of contacts.


NeuroMarseille is a thematic institute which brings together 75 research teams from 9 laboratories, under the supervision of AMU and CNRS or Inserm.

The AMU institutes

Over 950 people work there: researchers and teacher-researchers, engineers, technicians, administrative staff, PhD students...All in the interest of research.

The four research themes of NeuroMarseille are the following:

  • How does the brain develop to achieve the highest cognitive functions?
  • What are the multi-scale dynamics of neural networks in the healthy and diseased brain?
  • How to study the evolution of behaviours and their neural basis?
  • How can we fight against maladaptive mechanisms involved in responses to ageing, neurodegenerative diseases and nervous system injuries?

Clinical research in Marseille

With the third largest university hospital in Europe (Timone University Hospital), Marseille stands out as a city where there is a strong link between training, fundamental research and translational research.


Almost all neuroscience laboratories have institutional partnerships with neurology departments, soon to be federated on a single location (the Timone campus).

The federation of fundamental and clinical neuroscience research units already succeeded in creating two University Hospital Federations (FHUs), in the fields of epilepsy (EpiNext) and neurodegenerative diseases (DHUNE), which aim at advancing groundbreaking research into clinical practice. In addition, outstanding results emerging from neuroscience laboratories have yielded over 80 patents for the development of biomarkers, new diagnostic/therapeutic/drug delivery tools and rehabilitation strategies including human-machine interface to cure neuropsychiatric disorders.

Clinical research during a PhD

The NeuroSchool PhD program introduces PhD students to careers in clinical research.

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Clinical units

The links between NeuroSchool and the clinical departments of the Assistance Publique - Hôpitaux de Marseille (AP-HM) are particularly strong.

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Private research in Marseille

NeuroSchool is developing a network of private partners to initiate meetings between students and entrepreneurs, and to promote R&D internships.

Private research

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