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Enroll at NeuroSchool

To enrol at NeuroSchool in the 3rd year BSc, Master or PhD, all information can be found here.

Enrolling in the 3rd year of BSc

The Neurosciences path takes place within the Bachelor of Life Sciences. You may apply for admission via the faculty of science.

Enroll in the 3rd year BSc

Apply for the master's degree

Our master’s degree is primarily aimed at students in life sciences, health, or psychology.

ATTENTION: the process of entering the first year of a Master’s program is changing and is now done via the Mon Master platform

Read more: Information about Mon Master

Admission requirements

Admission to the first year (M1) is open to any holder of a Bachelor’s degree in Life Sciences/Biology or equivalent.

For the M2, holders of an M1, other than neuroscience, in the field of life sciences or other fields compatible with the offered specialities (e.g. health, psychology) may be admitted into second year after examination of the application and opinion of the training team.

For foreign students: check the international relations website.


A web-based procedure is available to register for the master’s degree. We invite you to visit the school portal and the admission procedures and to pre-register on the AMU e-candidate application (generally between March and June).

Access the eCandidate portal

Secretariat of the Master of Neurosciences

Faculté des Sciences
Campus Saint-Charles
Bât. 7 - 2ème étage
Département de Physique
13331 Marseille CEDEX 03

Any questions? Contact Mme Claudie Soulet.

Register to the NeuroSchool PhD Program

The NeuroSchool PhD program in Neuroscience is a training program offered to doctoral students of Aix-Marseille University (AMU), already enrolled in the Doctoral School in Life and Health Sciences.


Our program offers complementary training adapted to neuroscience students, but does not replace the official administrative registration at the Doctoral School.

Please note that this registration requires a scholarship for at least 3 years (self-financing is not allowed).

Find out about funding options

Once enrolled in the doctoral school, any neuroscience student can enroll in the PhD program in Neuroscience using the online form available below.

Register to the PhD Program

Why join the PhD Program?

As a doctoral student, you must validate at least 100 hours of training throughout your thesis (50 hours of “professional” training and 50 hours of “scientific” training). The Doctoral School of Life and Health Sciences already offers several disciplinary and cross-disciplinary training courses such as professional workshops and its annual symposium. However, the Doctoral School also accepts that you follow our training program, provided that you also attend its annual symposium.

Through the PhD program in Neuroscience, you will have access to more training specifically dedicated to neuroscience and join a more focused community. You will benefit from a variety of courses (basic and specialized courses, monthly tutored seminars, clinical trainings…), as well as scientific, social and networking events where you can actively participate (NeuroDays, special events). The ultimate goal of our program, designed for PhD students, but mostly carried out with PhD students, is to increase their skills and knowledge in the field of neuroscience and to introduce them to the worlds of business and clinical practice.

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