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Welcome to the NeuroCommunity page, the NeuroMarseille*NeuroSchool alumni network.

Good news: whether you are still a student, working in one of NeuroMarseille’s laboratories or a long-time alumni, in Marseille or on the other side of the world, whether you graduated from NeuroSchool or not, whether you are still in the field of neuroscience or not, if you have been through the world of neuroscience in Marseille, you are concerned! The NeuroCommunity will be rich with all your differences!


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“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress and working together is success.” Henry Ford

Since their creation in 2018 and 2019, NeuroSchool and NeuroMarseille have been promoting interdisciplinarity: today, the Institute and its Graduate School are opening their alumni network : the “NeuroCommunity”. All current and former staff members are involved. It is the diversity of each person’s background that makes up the multi-disciplinary richness of our community! Today, this page is for YOU and your professional network!


What happens to them?

Whether they are researchers, teacher-researchers, communicators or business developers, in the public or private sector, in neuroscience or in other fields, our alumni are now shining in their field! They share with you their memories of NeuroMarseille or NeuroSchool, explain what this period brought them for the position they hold and even give you some advice!

Elodie Giorla

Head of a research and development department

Elodie obtained her PhD in 2017. She now works in the private sector but remains involved in NeuroMarseille events and shares her memories and advice.

Her interview


Gonzalo Ruiz

Scientific mediator and CEO of Drop of Curiosity 

Graduated with a master degree in neurosciences, specializing in "Integrative and cognitive neurosciences", Gonzalo has a very busy life. Scientific mediator, host of a YouTube channel and CEO of a start-up, the list is long! 
The president and founder of Neuronautes shares his many experiences with us.

His interview


Tiphaine Villaumé

Clinical Research Coordinator (INT) 

Graduated in 2020 from the master of neurosciences, Tiphaine presents us her career and her experiences. She also gives us some precious advice.

Her interview


Maxime Richardo

Computer engineer 

In another life, Maxime was a PhD student in a NeuroMarseille laboratory. Today, he is a computer engineer. He tells us why he changed his life and what it brought him.

His interview

Philippe Fournier

Professor at Laval University (Quebec)

Philippe came to do his postdoc in Marseille in 2015. He shares in this interview the sunny memories of this period.

His interview


Vous êtes alumni ?

Join the NeuroCommunity

We put at your disposal a LinkedIn group dedicated to alumni and current members: share your ideas, needs, job proposals, collaborations, calls for help, advice, good tips… or anything else!

We will keep you informed of NeuroMarseille news, ask you to participate in seminars to share your knowledge, and hopefully invite you to organize friendly gatherings!

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