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The aim is to train students through research and to push them towards autonomy and the ability to learn (at least in part) by themselves. It is also about teaching teamwork and collective project management – which does not exclude autonomy – and, where possible, taking the initiative. This is accompanied, in all courses, by the development of analytical and critical thinking skills.

Our master’s degree is attached to two of the faculties of Aix Marseille University (AMU): the Faculty of Sciences and the Faculty of Medical and Paramedical Sciences.

Our Master’s courses are mainly taught on the Saint-Charles campus (13003), apart from periods of initiation to research and internships, which take place on the various Marseille campuses (Saint-Charles, Luminy, Timone, Nord), or sometimes elsewhere in France and abroad.

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Neurone d'hippocampe étiqueté pour l'actine (orange), la synapsine (vert) et map2 (bleu).
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A cross-disciplinary training course

The master aims to train students in the various fields of neuroscience (molecular and cellular neurobiology, neurodevelopment, neurophysiology, behavioural and cognitive neuroscience...), giving them a common training base as well as skills in one of the three tracks of the master's.

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Acquiring skills

The aim is to acquire training in research and thorough research so that students learn, among other things, how to work in a team, develop experimental protocols, manage projects...

Students in the classical tracks (NMCI and NICC) carry out two research internships: 4 weeks in the 1st year (M1) and 21 weeks in M2 (i.e. one 5-month internship, or two 2.5-month internships).

The team

Heads of the MSc

There are four heads of the MSc in neuroscience:

• Christian GESTREAU
• Jean-Philippe RANJEVA
• Francesca SARGOLINI


Course organization

Internationally recognised training based on specialised courses and multiple research projects.

The master’s degree in neuroscience has three tracks:

  • Neurosciences moléculaires, cellulaires et intégrées (NMCI)
  • Neurosciences intégrées, cognitives et comportementales (NICC)
  • The EMN-Online programme is a Euro-Mediterranean Master in Neurosciences and Biotechnology. The proposed programme is based on courses offered by 14 partner universities, 9 in Europe (Bordeaux, Aix-Marseille, Nice, Turin, Castellon, Valencia, Krakow, Strasbourg and Trollhättan), and 5 in the South Mediterranean region (Alexandria in Egypt, Saint-Joseph and Saint Esprit de Kaslik in Lebanon, Marrakech in Morocco and El Manar in Tunisia)
    The ambition of this course is to train high-level scientists with the capacity to (i) develop a Euro-Mediterranean collaborative network in higher education and research, particularly in the field of neuroscience; (ii) apply jointly to international calls for proposals for research and R&D projects, and; (iii) apply for positions in biotechnology companies.
    Students benefit from innovative and interactive e-learning methods and online tools, e.g. an online teaching platform (Moodle), a virtual classroom and the possibility of virtual discussions and meetings, as well as webinars and animated scientific material.
    The students of this course must follow the following courses at Aix-Marseille University:

    • the Neuronal Excitability and Information Processing course (M1)
    • the English course (M1 and M2)
    • Research internship (M1 and M2)

In M1, the NMCI and NICC programmes offer a 100% common core, i.e. 6 common courses in semester 1.

In semester 2, all the tracks begin to specialise via the options offered, which lead to the 3 distinct tracks of the M2 neuroscience.

New features are offered in each track since 2019, in particular professionalization courses. Additional professional diplomas to prepare your future are also available, such as Scientific communication techniques, Design of experimental procedures – Rodents.

Discover the programme of the different tracks

Preparing for the start of the Master’s degree in neuroscience

Our master’s degree is primarily intended for students in life sciences, health, or psychology. In order to prepare for your entry into the master’s degree in neuroscience, whatever your previous career path, we have listed several resources relating to the various courses offered.

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Course language

The online EMN-Online track is given entirely in English.

Until 2023, the two main tracks (NMCI and NICC) were taught in French or partially in English. New: the 2nd year of the Master’s program (M2) will be taught entirely in English starting in September 2023, then the M1 level (1st year) starting in September 2024.

In M1, some problem-based learning modules may already be offered in English depending on the number of non-French speaking students.

Written exams can be taken in French or English, as desired.

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