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Student kit

Useful links for students and prospective students of all levels 

We have compiled useful information for students and future students of all levels. If you cannot find the information you are looking for, please contact us!

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Register for our training courses

To enrol in NeuroSchool in L3, master or PhD, all information can be found here.


Our campuses

Discover the four neuroscience campuses of Marseille.


Going abroad

Where and how to go to a partner university

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Internships in Master

Find on this page our information on the Master's training courses



NeuroSchool offers a multitude of grants; mobility, PhD, postdoc, summer school...

Photographie d'un amphithééatre. Des étudiants écoutent une présentation par un chercheur
Les étudiants de M2 neurosciences écoutant la présentation de Alfredo Giménez-Cassina (Centro de biología Severo Ocho, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)

Preparing for the start of your Master's degree

Resources to help you prepare for the start of your master's degree in neuroscience. 


Checklists for international PhD students

Two checklists to help international PhD students coming to Marseille, once they've obtained funding:
- one for PhD students,
- the other for their supervisor(s).


Prepare your career

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Our complementary trainings

From bachelor's degree to PhD, discover our complementary training courses: DESU Communication, CESU Design of experimental procedures, CESU Data Science

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Where can I find funding for my PhD?

In order to pursue a PhD, it is necessary to seek funding. The different options available to students are listed here.


The opportunities

The opportunities of the Master in Neuroscience



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Monthly newsletters


Le bureau des Neuronautes 2016-17

Student societies



How to connect to the AMeTICE platform?



Interesting places in Marseille

Some PhD students have set up an interactive Google Map with useful places (laboratories, administrative resources, interesting sites...). It's collaborative, you can add your suggestions!

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PhD Groups on Facebook, LinkedIn & Discord

- The group created by the students
- The group created by NeuroSchool
- The LinkedIn group
- The PhD Discord channel

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