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On this page, you will find all the neuroscience contacts:


Board of directors

  • Pascale Durbec, NeuroMarseille director
  • Boris Burle, Research deputy-director
  • Anne Kavounoudias, Training deputy-director

Contact NeuroMarseille at this address.

General services

  • Gabrielle Gallon, director of operations
  • Laurie Arnaud, finance and administrative manager
  • Ingrid Meucci, communications manager

In case of inquiry about training in neuroscience, please contact NeuroSchool (see below).


  • Anne Kavounoudias, NeuroSchool director
  • Isabelle Virard, project manager for educational programs

Contact NeuroSchool at this address.

To enroll in NeuroSchool, please visit this page.

Heads of the 3rd year of BSc in neuroscience

  • Laurent Pezard
  • Laurence Casini

They can be contacted at this address.

Heads of the MSc in neuroscience

  • Francesca Sargolini
  • Christian Gestreau
  • Jean-Philippe Ranjeva
  • Jean Pelletier

The committee can be contacted at this address.

Heads of the PhD program

  • Frédéric Chavane (until August 31, 2020)
  • Wafaa Zaaraoui
  • Anna Montagnini

There is a common address to reach the committee.

Head of professional tracks

  • Julie Peyronnet-Roux

She can be contacted at this address.


Comments and suggestions about the website: contact our webmaster.

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