How can we tackle the mechanisms involved in ageing, neurodegenerative diseases and damage to the nervous system?

Research on ageing, neurodegenerative diseases and damage to the nervous system at NeuroMarseille

51 teams study ageing, neurodegenerative diseases (PD, AD, HD, MS, AMD), nervous system lesions (CT, stroke, spinal cord injury, chronic pain) and brain tumours. NeuroMarseille encourages initiatives aimed at discovering the similarities and differences between ageing and disorders in brain function, which will eventually lead to the stratification of patients and a more efficient technology transfer to clinical settings. The excellence of their research, which is based on an interface between fundamental and clinical as well as on the interdisciplinarity of their expertise and approaches, gives national and international visibility to the Marseille teams. In addition, all these teams are also federated within the DHUNE Center of Excellence.

To link it to research, NeuroSchool’s training courses include many course units related to this theme. Below you will find the list of the teams working on this theme as well as the related course units.

The research teams

The multimodal, integrative and translational approaches of the teams aim to: (1) characterise age-related behavioural and molecular abnormalities and develop effective intervention methods to delay the effect of ageing; (2) identify targets for the development of new symptomatic treatments, preventive or curative strategies, based on cell repair or substitution; (3) develop preclinical models with a better capacity for transfer to the clinic and identify markers for early diagnosis, prognosis and treatment effectiveness.

Research teams working on ageing, neurodegenerative diseases and damage to the nervous system

List of research teamsTeam leader(s)
Sensory and Cognitive RehabilitationBéatrice. Alescio-Lautier, Liliane BorelLNSCSaint-Charles
Basal Ganglia, Motivation and RewardChristelle BaunezINTLa Timone
Brain mappingChristian-G. BenarINSLa Timone
PhysioNetChristophe BernardINSLa Timone
Polarization and binary cell fate decisions in the nervous systemVincent BertrandIBDMLuminy
Development and cognitive agingAgnès BlayeLPCSaint-Charles
Plasticity and Physio-pathology of rhythmics Motor networks (P3M)Frédéric BrocardINTLa Timone
Cognitive Motor Control (CoMCo)Thomas BrochierINTLa Timone
Attention, cerebral dynamics and chronometryBoris BurleLNCSaint-Charles
Molecular bases and pathophysiology of malformations of the cerebral cortexCarlos CardosoINMED Luminy
Perception and attentionEric Castet, Françoise VituLPCSaint-Charles
Pathophysiology and Therapy of Vestibular DisorderChristian ChabbertLNSCSaint-Charles
NEuronal OPerations in visual TOpographic mapsFrédéric ChavaneINTLa Timone
Molecular control of neurogenesisHarold CremerIBDMLuminy
Neuronal coding and plasticity in epilepsyValérie CrépelINMED Luminy
Plasticity of neuronal excitability and epilepsyDominique DebanneUNISNord
Live imaging of cell interactions in the normal and diseased brain (IMAPATH)Franck DebardieuxINTLa Timone
Plasticity of the Nervous and Muscular SystemsPatrick DecherchiISMLa Timone
Neural basis of somatosensory functionsPatrick DelmasLNCSaint-Charles
Social Cognition across Lifespan and PathologiesChristine DeruelleINTLa Timone
Neuro-inflammation and Multiple SclerosisSophie Desplat-JégoINPLa Timone
Stem cells and brain repairPascale DurbecIBDMLuminy
Molecular control of mesenchymal cell differentiationLaurent FasanoIBDMLuminy
NOSE. Nasal Olfactory Stemness and EpigenesisFrançois FéronINPLa Timone
Gliomagenesis and MicroEnvironmentDominique Figarella-brangerINPLa Timone
List of research teamsTeam leader(s)
Genes, Rhythm and NeurophysiopathologyAnne-Marie François-Bellan INPLa Timone
Micro-RNA & Social CognitionEduardo Gascon GonzaloINTLa Timone
Robustness of excitabilityJean-Marc GoaillardUNISNord
Development and pathologies of neuromuscular circuitsFrançoise HelmbacherIBDMLuminy
Theoretical neurosciencesViktor JirsaINSLa Timone
Multisense and bodyAnne KavounoudiasLNSCSaint-Charles
Cellular interactions, neurodegeneration and neuroplasticityLydia Kerkerian-Le GoffIBDMLuminy
Early activity in the developing brainRoustem KhazipovINMED Luminy
BBB and neuroinflammationMichel KhrestchatiskyINPLa Timone
Cytoskeleton and NeurophysiopathologyHervé Kovacic, Vincent PeyrotINPLa Timone
Music, language and writingMarieke Longcamp LNCSaint-Charles
Signalling networks for stemness and tumorigenesisFlavio MainaIBDMLuminy
Axon plasticity in development and cancerFanny MannIBDMLuminy
Adolescence and developemental vulnerability to neuropsychiatric diseasesOlivier Manzoni, Pascale ChavisINMED Luminy
Neural stem cell plasticityCédric MaurangeIBDMLuminy
Perinatal Imprintings and Neurodevelopmental DisordersFrançoise Muscatelli-BossyINMED Luminy
Stem cells, Disease modeling and NeuroregenerationEmmanuel NivetINPLa Timone
Angiogenesis and Tumor MicroenvironmentL’houcine OuafikINPLa Timone
Exploration of the healthy and pathological CNSJean-Philippe Ranjeva, Angèle ViolaCRMBMLa Timone
Neural Plasticity and DegenerationSantiago RiveraINPLa Timone
The neural bases of sensorimotor learningDavid Robbe, Ingrid BureauINMED Luminy
Neurobiology of Mnesic ProcessesFrançois Roman INPLa Timone
Dynamics of Cognitive ProcessesDaniele SchönINSLa Timone
NICE2: Neonatal, Infantile and Childhood Epilepsies and EncephalopathiesPierre SzepetowskiINMED Luminy
Brain, Obesity and diet imbalanceJean-Denis Troadec LNCSaint-Charles
Human neurogeneticsLaurent VillardMMGLa Timone

Centre of Excellence for Neurodegenerative Diseases and Ageing

The aim of the DHUNE centre of excellence is to boost research and innovation for 5 major diseases: Alzheimer's and Parkinson's, Multiple Sclerosis, Charcot's disease and Huntington's disease.

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Education through research

In addition to traditional training related to the theme of research on ageing, neurodegenerative diseases and damage to the nervous system, the teaching team has implemented numerous pedagogical innovations that link research and training.

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Courses related to ageing, neurodegenerative diseases and nervous system damage (all levels and specialities combined)

Course unitLevel
States of consciousness and their implications
3rd year of Bachelor
Memory and forgetfulness3rd year of Bachelor
Environment, lifestyle and nervous system
3rd year of Bachelor
Medication, drugs and the brain3rd year of Bachelor
Growing old and aging well3rd year of Bachelor
Functional neuroanatomyMaster
Neuropharmacology and signallingMaster
In vivo brain imagingMaster
Learning and memoryMaster
Emotion, motivation and their dysfunctionsMaster
Problem-based learning modules: Alzheimer's disease, autism, demyelination, epilepsy, brain-machine interfaces, Parkinson's, mood disordersMaster
Clinical days on Parkinson's disease, the brain-machine interface, multiple sclerosis and epilepsyPhD
One-week internships in clinical departments: neurology and ophthalmology; neurology, neuroinflammation, anaesthesia; neurosurgery; neuromuscular disorders and ALS; psychiatry...PhD
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