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The 4 major scientific challenges

A major challenge of NeuroMarseille is to connect the different approaches of neuroscience from the molecular to the most integrative and cognitive levels as well as other fields of excellence within AMU (immunology, developmental biology, psychology …).

By relying on the complementary scientific, clinical and technological skills of our teams, our research is mainly focused on 4 major questions. The NeuroSchool modules, related to the research axis, are connected to these major questions. The goal is to facilitate training through research.


Who are we?

How does the brain develop to achieve the highest cognitive functions?

Discover the 30 NeuroMarseille teams that study the fundamental mechanisms of neurodevelopment, from stem cell biology to the neurophysiology of developing systems.

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What are the multi-scale dynamics of neural networks in the healthy and diseased brain?

NeuroMarseille gathers 32 multidisciplinary teams working in collaboration in order to provide the original computational models with the experimental data and theoretical principles provided by the different groups.

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How can we tackle the mechanisms involved in ageing, neurodegenerative diseases and damage to the nervous system?

51 teams, federated within DHUNE, study ageing, neurodegenerative diseases (PD, AD, HD, MS, AMD), nervous system lesions (CT, stroke, spinal cord injury, chronic pain) and brain tumours.

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How can we study the evolution of behaviours and their neural bases?

47 teams in Marseille are working to understand how the activity of neurons, whether taken in isolation or within small networks or larger systems, generates adaptive behaviour.

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