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Our calls

NeuroMarseille and NeuroSchool fund actions aimed at training new generations of scientists, increasing the visibility and attractiveness of Aix-Marseille University and asserting its potential with socio-economic partners.


What type of calls?

Throughout the year, you will find calls for :

  • mobility grants to finance student exchanges with our partner universities, from the bachelor’s degree (3rd year) to the doctorate level
  • doctoral contracts for international co-supervised PhDs
  • doctoral contracts for international PhD students (who have obtained a master’s degree at a foreign university)
  • funding for interns, young MDs and PharmDs wishing to devote a year to research as part of a PhD in neurosciences in an AMU laboratory.
  • postdoctoral fellowships in biotech companies for young AMU doctoral graduates
  • thematic schools and scientific events (workshops, conferences…) organized by NeuroSchool members
  • applications for additional training courses, such as the DESU in science communication and popularisation…

Selection process

The selection process is intended to be as transparent as possible, with clear eligibility and selection criteria announced in advance. It is usually carried out by following these steps:

1. Projects

call for projects

2. Applicants

call for applicants

3. Deliberations

A jury studies the applications and, in some calls, interviews selected candidates

4. Results

Laureates are announced on our website

Our calls