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MedIM 2020 : First inter-platform Interactome workshop

A look back at the cross-platform workshop (Timone INteractome Platform (PINT) of the INP, the Structural Biology Platform of the AFMB and the platforms of the IMM) for research professionals and students from Marseille area.

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A workshop to train and discover the possibilities of the equipment of 3 technological platforms in Marseille: this was the aim of this MedIm event, which took place from 7 to 11 December 2020. This event was organised by Pascale Barbier, Déborah Byrne, François Devred, Géraldine Ferracci, Maria Maté, Alain Roussel and Philipp Tsvetkov. NeuroSchool/NeuroMarseille financed part of this event to encourage interdisciplinary and cross-platform initiatives. Let’s look back at the first edition of this innovative workshop.

Technological platforms of Marseille

From 7th to 11th December, the MedIM workshop (Methods of Molecular Interaction Studies) welcomed 8 PhD students, 3 engineers, 1 post-doc and 1 researcher to take stock of a large number of techniques, studying molecular interactions through 2 days of theoretical exchanges and 3 days of practical workshops on the 3 campuses (Timone, Joseph Aiguier and Luminy).

This workshop, co-organised by the Timone INteractome Platform (PINT) of the Institute of Neurophysiopathology (INP), the Structural Biology Platform of the AFMB and the platforms of the IMM, all three labelled “Plateformes Technologiques du site d’Aix-Marseille”, enabled participants to discover and learn about the main biophysical techniques for the characterisation of molecular interactions.

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Promote interdisciplinary and cross-platform initiatives

The challenge was to discover the possibilities offered by the equipment of these Marseilles technological platforms, through theoretical and practical workshops.

The participants, whatever their context (molecular, cellular, clinical, etc.) or fields of expertise (neurosciences, microbiology, oncology, etc.) were able to gain a good insight into the applications, advantages and complementarities of the methods available on these technological platforms.

This initiative is helping professionals from the research world to understand the tools available to them in the Marseilles area. This workshop made it possible to create spaces for privileged exchanges between disciplines and to open up interdisciplinary perspectives to researchers from the Aix Marseille University laboratories thus perfectly in line with the actions of the NeuroMarseille Institute.

A practice-oriented program

Techniques such as “Analytical Ultracentrifuge” (UCA) , BLI , DLS , nanoDSF , microcalorimeters DSC & ITC, Thermophorèse à micro échelle MST , RPE, Gel filtration analytique/diffusion statique de la lumière multi angle/ réfractométrie (SEC-MALS) , “surface plasmon resonance” (SPR) available on the platforms offer many opportunities for researchers in Marseille.

The MedIM workshop focused its programme on practical application: after a day devoted to the discovery of these numerous techniques, the participants were able, during a second day, to explore the possibilities offered by these techniques by studying their advantages, their limits and their complementarity on different biological models: study of the interaction of 2 proteins (PorM-VHH), 1 protein and a small molecule (Tubulin-Vinblastin), 1 protein and a sugar (Galectin-Sugar) and 2 small molecules (EDTA-Ca2+).


The positive feedback from the participants on the contributions of this training course led the organisers to reschedule it in 2021: we'll of course keep you informed!

"This training was very interesting and affordable for someone from another field. Seeing all the techniques allows us to know which one corresponds to our project and it gives ideas, it's very stimulating! I leave with new ideas that I wouldn't have had if I hadn't done this training. In addition, the fact of studying these different techniques makes them accessible " L.G.

"The days on the platforms were very positive: getting to know the people involved, seeing the instruments, the way of working... The last day we looked back the results together and discussed them: that was very enriching! Nothing negative. Very informative and rich in discussion/presentations! Thank you to all of you. Super Workshop! Do it again!" E.G.

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