Institutes: a bridge between training and research

The new AMU letter invites you to discover the 15 institutes of Aix-Marseille University. Among them, NeuroMarseille whose mission is to federate research and training in neurosciences.

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Specific Institutes: a new dynamic to strengthen the training-research link, experiment and promote interdisciplinarity.

Since January 2020, Aix-Marseille University has created 15 Institutes, the result of an interdisciplinary approach based on the university’s research units, graduate schools, its various faculties and schools, as well as its socio-economic partners. In addition to federating research and the formation of discipline, they all aim to strengthen the international opening on recognized themes. Discover the institutes in the letter available for download below (page 16 for NeuroMarseille).

Our institute NeuroMarseille was created to federate the neurosciences of Marseille. It unites the 10 research laboratories, the NeuroSchool University Graduate School, the University Hospital (AP-HM) and biotechnology companies. The institute’s objective is to promote inter-laboratory collaborations, among other things through calls for joint research projects. Working groups launch initiatives to develop international collaborations and interactions with the industrial world and the integration of students into professional life. NeuroMarseille also has the ambition to address citizens to highlight the work of our researchers and engineers who help invent the future.

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The 4 major scientific challenges

By relying on the complementary scientific, clinical and technological skills of our teams, our research is mainly focused on 4 major questions. The NeuroSchool modules, related to the research axis, are connected to these major questions. The goal is to facilitate training through research.

The 4 major scientific challenges


In 2018, the community won a national competition and was awarded a 10-year grant of 10 million euros (nEURo*AMU) for the creation and operation of NeuroSchool, a graduate school of neuroscience. The school offers an innovative training program, from the third year of a bachelor's degree to a doctorate.

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Laboratory directory

Thanks to its 10 Research Units gathering 75 teams of researchers, teacher-researchers, engineers, technicians and students, NeuroMarseille presents unique expertise in France, covering the whole range of phylogenesis (from C-elegans to human) and levels of analysis (from molecular and cellular approaches to cognitive psychology and behavioural sciences). The 27 technical platforms spread across the campuses and open to all provide state-of-the-art tools that are constantly being improved. 

Laboratory directory
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Discover our labs in 360°

Discover the technical platforms of NeuroMarseille in 360°
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