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NeuroLunch & Learn: RNAseq, overview and pratical examples

The concept is simple: a seminar around a theme of interest for the community. A technique or a line of research: to talk about it, an engineer, a student, a researcher. Via zoom and around a buffet for more exchanges and conviviality. Whether you are an expert or just curious, you are all welcome!
For this 2nd edtion, Valérie DELAGUE, Catherine AUBERT, Khulganaa BUYANNEMEKH will talk about RNAseq: an overview and some technical examples.

Join us on May 16 and discover RNAseq with Valérie DELAGUE (Research Director,MMG) Catherine AUBERT (Operational manager, GBiM) , and Khulganaa BUYANNEMEKH (PhD student, IBDM). 

Session’s theme: RNAseq, overview and pratical examples

Details of this session:

Catherine AUBERT: « RNAseq technologies : a practical overview »

Valérie DELAGUE: “Bulk RNA-Seq in in vitro models of the Peripheral Nervous System as a tool to identify deregulated pathways in Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease”

Khulganaa BUYANNEMEKH: « Characterizing novel molecular left-right asymmetries in the nervous system using scRNA-seq data analysis »

For NeuroMarseille and Neuroschool members only

📅 Join us on May 16 for our second NeuroLunch!

📍 INMED, Luminy Campus & Zoom online

INMED conference room on the ground floor .
Parking behind INMED and access from the « top » via the reception desk where you have to sign a register

Learn (talk): 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm

Lunch: 1:30 pm to 2:30pm

👉 On-site: for obvious reasons, registration to the lunch is mandatory

Remote: no need to register for Zoom, the link is below (coming soon)


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The speakers on May 16

Learn more about our speakers with a summary of their background, bibliography and contact information.

    Catherine AUBERT - Operational manager of the core facilty GBiM Genomic and Bioinformatic Marseille (Next Generation Sequencing )

    Engineer INSA Lyon (National Institute of Applied Sciences), my professional career was divided in the private sector in R&D and then in the public sector. I am currently a research engineer at the Marseille Medical Genetics " MMG " on the high throughput sequencing platform Genomic and BioInformatic Marseille " GBiM " .

    With a first experience acquired at the Genoscope - National Sequencing Center in Evry, today CEA, for the sequencing of the Human Genome in international consortium, project finalized in 2000, I followed the technological evolution of high throughput sequencing on research projects in Marseille.

    Short-read sequencing has evolved from pyrosequencing at Roche 454 Life Sciences to sequencing by synthesis at Illumina on their MiSeq, NextSeq 500 and today on Novaseq 6000 instruments. The "long read" application is provided with Oxford Nanopore technology on MinION. We offer services in DNAseq (exomes, epigenetics, whole genomes), RNAseq (total, bulk mRNAseq, miRNAseq), Single cell and single nucleiRNAseq....

      Khulganaa BUYANNEMEKH - PhD student (IBDM)

       I am a third-year CENTURI PhD student working on C. elegans nervous system development in the labs of Vincent Bertrand (IBDM) and Paul Villoutreix (LIS). Previously I completed an Erasmus Master’s in Neuroscience in Bordeaux and Berlin.

        Valérie DELAGUE - Researcher (MMG)

        Research director at Inserm, scientific leader of the GBiM genomics and bioinformatics platform and leader of a research group "Genetics and Physiopathology of Hereditary Peripheral Neuropathies" in the Translational Neuromyology team of the U 1251/Marseille Medical Genetics unit

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