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The GINTER (INTERnational GROUP of NeuroMarseille) has set up a committee to support ERC applications.

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We are pleased to announce that the GINTER  (Groupe INTERnational de NeuroMarseille) has set up a committee to support ERC applications from NeuroMarseille teams: ERC-NM. This group proposes personalized support during the preparation phase of the scientific project and the oral presentation. The committee of volunteers is composed of ERC laureates and also includes non-laureates with expertise in different fields of neurosciences.

What does the ERC-NM Support consist of?

  • Making a critical and constructive reading of the project at a preliminary stage
  • Organize a mock audition day in real condition for candidate

Project Review

• The support is organised at the applicant's request and will focus on the scientific part of the application. The administrative part is already provided by the international units of the AMU, CNRS or INSERM. 

• Candidates must inform GINTER of their intention to apply at least 6 weeks before the closing date of the ERC Call. The GINTER will then look for 2 reviewers among the members of the ERC-NM committee, one specialist and one non-specialist in the field. The candidate may also suggest reviewers that he or she considers relevant.

• The candidate must send his or her project to the selected reviewers at least 4 weeks before submitting it to the ERC to allow time for exchanges. It should be noted that the project provided must be sufficiently developed in terms of content, but not definitive, to enable an informed and relevant assessment to be made. Feedback will be given to the applicant within 10 days of receipt of the file.


Oral presentation support

The candidate will have the opportunity to present his/her project to ERC-NM members, in the same situation as the real ERC hearing. The oral, which will be organised in consultation with AMU's Europe unit, will take place on a fixed date with all the candidates from the same AAP.

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Ingrid Meucci Chargée de communication

Après la validation d’un master en neuroscience et un master communication, je me suis spécialisée dans la communication neuroscientifique au service de l'institut NeuroMarseille. 

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