Key facts and figures

2011 Creation of the ICN PhD program at the Timone Neuroscience Institute

2013 A*Midex officially recognizes the ICN PhD program

2018 NeuroSchool gets funded for 10 more years

120 PhD students already enrolled

69 research teams

representing nearly 950 people

In short

PhD Program

The ICN PhD Program

If you are a PhD student at Aix-Marseille University, join  NeuroSchool PhD Program in Neuroscience to prepare for a successful international career! This unique and dynamic training track, exclusively in English, is tailored to your needs, stimulated by your active participation and continuously evolving thanks to your feedback. Our program aims at expanding and improving your knowledge and skills in the wide field of neuroscience from fundamental to clinical research. Through our PhD Program, you will also have opportunities to develop your professional network, in academic as well as in the corporate and medical worlds.


Marseille neuroscience labs

Check out our lab directory to understand what makes Marseille a hub of European neuroscience :

  1. an exceptionally broad range of multi-scale approaches, from molecular and cellular levels to behavioral science and cognitive psychology, on a large span of experimental models,
  2. tight links with clinical and translational research,
  3. a stimulating interdisciplinary environment fostering interactions between different fields of research.



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