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Additional training courses: our first graduates

In 2019, we have had our first additional training courses graduates.

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To better prepare our students for their study-to-work transition, NeuroSchool has started to offer additional training courses in fields of expertise that can bring added value.


In 2019, we have had our first graduates from the “DESU Communication et vulgarisation scientifiques” (Communication and popularization of science) and the “CESU Conception de procédures expériementales – Rongeurs (niveau B)” (Design of experimental procedures in rodents).

DESU Communication et vulgarisation scientifiques

After a selection process, a group of 15 NeuroSchool students (M1, M2 and PhD) joined the “DESU Communication et vulgarisation scientifiques”, offered by the School of Journalism and Communication of Aix-Marseille University (EJCAM) from July 1st to July 12th, then from September 2nd to September 13th, 2019.

During this training, they have the opportunity to follow five courses:

  • Organizational communication strategies
  • Writing and science popularization workshop: writing science
  • Editorial design
  • Communicating in pictures: production and editing of videos for the Internet.
  • Communication and scientific controversies

They were able to put into practice what they had been taught through various activities. Here are a few examples:

Exemples de travaux du DESU Comm

During their training, they also produced videos presenting different NeuroMarseille research teams. Ultimately, these videos will be used to create a video directory of Marseille’s neuroscience laboratories.

CESU Conception de procédures expérimentales - Rongeurs (niveau B)

In September, 42 M2 students and 6 doctoral students completed the “Certificat d’Etudes Supérieures Universitaires (C.E.S.U.) Conception de procédures expérimentales – Rongeurs (niveau B”). This training is one of the only regulatory training courses on animal experimentation in France, which is both qualifying and certifying.

Congratulations to all our graduates!

Fanny Trifilieff

After a double training in science and communication, and an internship at NeuroSchool in the summer of 2018, Fanny is now NeuroSchool's communications manager for the year 2019-2020.

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