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Preparing for the start of the Master's programme

Resources to help you prepare for the start of your Masters in neuroscience. 

To prepare the different teaching units (UE) proposed in the Master of Neuroscience, we propose the following resources:

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• Neurosciences, de Purves
Principles of Neural Science, Fifth Edition - Chapter "Development and the Emergence of Behavior" (Part VIII: Development and the Emergence of Behavior ; 52: Patterning the Nervous System ; 53: Differentiation and Survival of Nerve Cells ; 54: The Growth and Guidance of Axons ; 55: Formation and Elimination of Synapses ; 56: Experience and the Refinement of Synaptic Connections ; 57: Repairing the Damaged Brain)


• MOOC : Neurophysiologie cellulaire : comment les neurones communiquent (in French, access extended until September, without certificate)
• MOOC : Autour des neurones : focus sur la myéline (in French, access extended until September, without certificate)
• MOOC : Unlock your English 
• MOOC : L'anglais pour tous - Spice up Your English 

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Videos & Apps

• Videos : Visites 360° des plateformes de NeuroMarseille
• Videos & courses : BBC Learning English
• Apps : Duolingo 

More resources will be added as teachers suggest them, so please check back regularly!

More general neuroscience resources are listed in the article “Continue distance learning” available here.

More general neuroscience resource article

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