Tutored seminars continue online

The NeuroSchool PhD program tutored seminars continue online until further notice.

Goals of the NeuroSchool tutored seminars

Seminars are a privileged moment dedicated to the discovery of new scientific advances. They enable participation in debates and open discussions. However, students often hesitate to express themselves during these exchanges.

In order to increase their confidence and to broaden their knowledge beyond their field of expertise, the PhD program has set up tutored seminars, i.e. with a preparation time before the seminar, and a dedicated exchange time with the speaker afterwards. Students are therefore well prepared and can actively participate.

The tutored seminars are open to the entire community, but are first and foremost designed for PhD students. This is why they are directly solicited when the calendar is established: each student is invited to submit ideas for speakers they would like to meet. The tutored seminars are therefore set up by and for the students.

Tutored seminars continue during the COVID19 epidemic

In order to ensure pedagogical continuity, the tutored seminars will continue by videoconference until further notice. They follow the same schedule:

  • Discussion between students about the articles
  • Seminar
  • One hour of discussion between the speaker and the students.

The only difference: the fact that they take place online allows them to be open to as many people as possible, especially M2 students who may be interested.

Here is a list of upcoming seminars:

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