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Thursday, I can't I have Neuro'binar / November 2020

In this article find the video of the second edition which took place on 19 November 2020 with Clément Menuet (INMED), Johanna Extremet (UNIS) and Yannick Becker (LPC/INT).

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On the third Thursday of each month, NeuroMarseille offers you the “Neuro’binars”. The next appointment is on December 17th at 4 pm!

For this second edition, we are pleased to welcome Clément Menuet (INMED), Johanna Extremet (UNIS) and Yannick Becker (LPC/INT). Johanna Extremet and Yannick Becker will introduce their respective theses in a cross-presentation. After a question session, Clément Menuet will explain his research through a presentation entitled “Physiology and pathology of cardiorespiratory central coupling: seeking inspiration for the treatment of cardiovascular pathologies”.

The format

A one-hour web-conference in two parts: 10 minutes of vis-ma-vie where 2 PhD students present their work in a cross-referenced format. After 5 minutes of questions, they will hand over to a researcher, a postdoc or an engineer from the community who will present an accessible version of his research in 20 minutes. Once again, you will have the opportunity to ask questions, debate among yourselves on the topic of the day or simply get to know your colleague better!

#2 Neurobinar with Clément Menuet (INMED), Johanna Extremet (UNIS) and Yannick Becker (LPC/INT)

Your "Zoomers" of this second edition

Learn more about the thesis of Johanna Extremet (UNIS) presented by Yannick Becker (LPC/INT) and vice versa. The presentation of both theses is followed by the presentation of the work of Clément Menuet (INMED). You will also have the opportunity to ask your questions and watch the neurobinar on our YouTube Chanel.

    Clément Menuet

    After a PhD on central respiratory control under the co-direction of Gérard Hilaire and Christian Gestreau at CRN2M in Marseille, in 2011, Clément left to study cardiorespiratory central coupling in Andrew Allen's laboratory at the University of Melbourne, Australia. His work has shown in particular that an alteration in the interaction between respiratory and cardiovascular neurons induces the development of hypertension. In 2017, Clément joins Françoise Muscatelli's team at the Institut de Neurobiologie de la Méditerranée, where he investigates the alteration of central cardiorespiratory coupling in certain neurodevelopmental pathologies and the beneficial neuromodulatory role of oxytocin on this coupling. Clément was McKenzie Fellow (2013-2016), FRM Fellow (2017-2018), and has been an INSERM research fellow since 2018. His current research is funded by AFM-Telethon, NeuroMarseille and the Australian NHMRC. He has published 27 papers in peer-reviewed journals and is the recipient of the 2018 Paxinos-Watson Award.

      Johanna Extrémet

      Holder of a Bachelor's degree in Human Biology and Biotechnologies and a Master's degree in Neurosciences with a specialization in Neurobiology, Neurophysiology, Neuropathology (Aix-Marseille University). Johanna Extrémet is currently in her 3rd year of PhD. Her thesis project, entitled "Role of the LGI1 protein in the intrinsic excitability of pyramidal neurons of the hippocampus", is under the co-direction of Dominique Debanne and Michaël Russier (UNIS). 

      Yannick Becker

      Yannick Becker holds a transdisciplinary Bachelor's degree in Sciences and Humanities (AMU), a DEUG in Psychology (Université Jean-Jaures, Toulouse) and a Master's degree in Cognitive Neurosciences (AMU). He is currently in his third year of doctoral studies under the supervision of Adrien Meguerditchian (LPC) and Olivier Coulon (INT). His thesis project is entitled: "Gestures in non-human primates, a reference point for language in the brain? The quest for the origins of language specialization in the brain. "

      Ingrid Meucci Chargée de communication

      Après la validation d’un master en neuroscience et un master communication, je me suis spécialisée dans la communication neuroscientifique au service de l'institut NeuroMarseille. 

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