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Thursday I can't, I have Neuro'binar / March 2021

In this article find the video of the sixth edition which took place on March 18th, 2021, with Pascale Quilichini (INS) and Estelle Nakul (post-doctoral fellow at Boarding Ring & Aix-Marseille Université/CNRS).

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For this sixth edition, we had the pleasure to welcome Pascale Quilichini (INS) and Estelle Nakul (Boarding Ring & AMU/CNRS). In the first part of our webinar, Estelle Nakul explains her post-doctoral research project in partnership between the Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory and the startup Boarding Ring: her transition from academic research on self-consciousness to industrial research on cybersickness (the motion sickness of virtual reality). In a second part of the webinar, Pascale Quilichini explained her research on the dynamics of the hippocampo-thalamo-cortical network that she is doing in the PHYSIONET team of the Institute of Systems Neuroscience: Discover the replay!

The format

A one-hour web-conference in two parts: 15 minutes of presentation on the work of a post-doc. After 5 minutes of questions, the speaker will hand it over to a researcher or an engineer from the community who will present an accessible version of his research in 20 minutes. Here again, you will have the opportunity to ask questions, to debate among yourselves on the topic of the day or just to learn more about your colleague!


#6 Neurobinar with Estelle Nakul (Boarding Ring & AMU/CNRS)

Your "Zoomers" of this sixth edition

Learn more about the work of Pascale Quilichini (INS) and Estelle Nakul (Boarding Ring, LNC).  You also have the opportunity to watch the previous Neurobinars on our  Youtube channel.

Pascale Quilichini
Pascale Quilichini

Pascale Quilichini completed her academic education at the Aix-Marseille University, which she obtained a PhD at INMED. Interested by epilepsy in immature networks, she developed and tested an experimental model of Dravet’s syndrome where she identified a mechanism of network synchronization at seizure onset. Then, she did a first post-doc at Rutgers University of NJ (G Buzsáki’s lab) during which she characterized network dynamics in the entorhinal cortex involved in theta and gamma oscillations. Back in Marseille at the Institut de Neurosciences des Systèmes (INS), she did in a second postdoc and then obtained a “chargé de recherche” position at Inserm in PhysioNet team. Her research aims to determine the dynamics of a large network (the hippocampo-thalamo-cortical dialogue) supporting the long-term consolidation of episodic memories.

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estelle nakul
Estelle Nakul

Estelle studied both Science and Philosophy in Paris before doing her master’s degree in Neuroscience in Marseille. She completed her PhD under the supervision of Christophe Lopez in the Sensory and Cognitive Neuroscience Lab and defended in 2019. During her PhD, she studied the vestibular and interoceptive contributions to the multisensory mechanisms underlying bodily self-consciousness. For this, she used electrophysiology and virtual reality in healthy participants and patients with vestibular disorders. Thanks to the post-doctoral grant from Neuroschool, she now works in partnership between the Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience (LNC) and Boarding Ring. She continues her research on visuo-vestibular integration and self-perception in virtual reality to test a new device against cybersickness (the motion sickness of virtual reality).

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Ingrid Meucci Chargée de communication

Après la validation d’un master en neuroscience et un master communication, je me suis spécialisée dans la communication neuroscientifique au service de l'institut NeuroMarseille. 

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