Welcome to the students of the PhD Program!

On Monday, January 18th, 2021, the PhD Program team had the pleasure of welcoming the new PhD students during the Welcome Day!

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This year, we had the pleasure to “virtually welcome” our new PhD students on January 18th! Despite the quite special circumstances, due to the sanitary conditions, this afternoon allowed the students to get to know the team. Above all, it was an opportunity to learn more about each other thanks to various virtual games.

Welcome to the students of the PhD Program !

This year's Welcome Day has been redesigned so that newcomers can meet each other despite the sanitary situation! In these times of crisis, the motto of "Welcome Day" was more than ever to build relationships. But how do you create a sense of community from a distance? The NeuroSchool team got mobilised to make the event as interactive as possible. Moreover, before the afternoon session, the students were able to follow introduction modules of the PhD program on the AMeTICE platform.

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Building relationships !

Once the traditional presentations had been made, our 32 PhD students shared their places of birth and exposed “the biggest clichés” about their countries of origin which, often, turned out to be false! No, not everyone is a footballer in Brazil!

We then presented an interactive map of the Marseilles area with the locations of the 9 NeuroMarseille laboratories, the team members and the PhD program referents in each laboratory. The PhD students just had to be added! A special section “discoveries and good plans” was created so that everyone could share their good addresses. The map is presented below, so don’t hesitate to add your spots!

Our older students then presented some of Marseille students’ societies, such as the Hippo’Thèse society. They also introduced the Discord server specially created by the students to discuss and help each other. Then, the team in charge of organizing the 2020 NeuroDays (unfortunately postponed) took the microphone to set up the organisation team for the 2021 edition. About ten new students volunteered and a new hybrid edition is already in preparation!

The afternoon ended with a Neuro-Pictionary! The students, gathered in small groups, had 5 minutes to get to know each other and find a word that brought them together. Then, the game got more difficult when they had to draw the word in question and make the other students guess it. But the dialogue was created, even “from a distance”. The operation was a success!

We would like to thank all the students for their participation!

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And here is Raphaëlle's magnificent work!

Do you have any idea of the mystery word? Find the answer at the end of this article. 

More about NeuroSchool PhD Program

The NeuroSchool PhD Program offers additional training adapted to students in neuroscience.

Open to AMU neuroscience PhD students, this unique training (in English) aims to broaden and improve your knowledge and skills, and your professional network. It also introduces you to private R&D and clinical research with professional, clinical and scientific training.

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  • Perception
  • Interaction
  • Neuromodulation
  • Glasses

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