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Patent Shaker 2022: feedback on the student workshop

The business creation workshop for students of NeuroSchool's Neuroscience program and AMU's MIAGE master program took place on June 16, 20 and 21, 2022. Here is a review of this innovative experience!

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A NeuroSchool x MIAGE edition

This year, the Patent Shaker brought together NeuroSchool students of all levels, especially in Master’s. The MIAGE master students from the Business Economics faculties also participated, and were particularly numerous. Their mission: mix teams from the two schools to transform dormant patents into impactful applications and innovations.

Before the 48 hours of workshops on June 20 and 21, the students formed teams of four and took a personality test. As the workshop began, students were given topics on neuroscience patents to exploit. A system to improve cognitive functions, biomarkers for a spinal cord injury, or detection of the distracted cognitive state of a vehicle driver: the inventions were diverse and all interesting.

Convince the jury !

The students had to put together dossiers taking into account the expectations of the market and present them to the jury as a team. They proceeded methodically to the business plan and forecasting stage: description of the patent and the application, study of the competition and of potential customers… It was also important to know how to create a brand, how to distribute and to communicate. In the end, all this to elaborate a quick pitch to present the project to the jury.

Beyond learning, Patent Shaker also allows students to live an original adventure and immerse themselves in a dynamic and stimulating atmosphere, which mekes them discover some facets of their character and that of others, and manage to develop a project with team synergy. The exercise was of course not graded and the organizers were there to accompany them with kindness and good humor.

The founders' mark

How to develop students’ skills through an innovative educational program directly linked to the entrepreneurial world ? The Patent Shaker program, originally created in 2014 by university professor Philippe Berta (Nîmes, Montpellier) and the Visionari agency (Marketing and Innovation), has been developed and improved since then, after about 20 organized editions. Over the last 6 years, several of them have been realized with the master of neuroscience of Aix Marseille University.

Patent Shaker was born out of the need to provide scientific and technical students with a pedagogical program that allows them to master the tools of creation and management of innovative projects, through experience.
The idea is that one day, these students could become collaborators and managers in cutting-edge health sectors. They will then master the tools widely used by startups and will understand the innovation process related to this environment. To make this happen, this awareness must be part of their university curriculum.

Concept & targeted skills: A strength for companies and organizations

The “Patent Shaker” brings together students from different disciplines, their professors, entrepreneurs and experienced coaches for 48 hours to help them analyze patents and transform them into viable innovative companies. Using a methodology proven each year by more than 2,000 people, the teams formed must succeed in the challenge of getting along, building together and convincing a jury of professionals.

Each student participating in the Patent Shaker develops the 4 skills that make up a competence:
– Knowledge: information, knowledge, sources and resources to innovate and undertake
– Know-how: creating, imagining, innovating, planning, federating around an innovation project
– Knowing how to be: getting to know oneself and others better in order to create homogeneous, efficient and united teams
– Knowing how to feel: understanding one’s sensitivity, developing one’s intuition

The Patent Shaker faithfully recreates the management of an innovative project and the challenges that await students in their future organizations and companies. Knowing how to make the best use of one’s sensibility, finding one’s place in a team and taking advantage of the skills of each member allows companies to welcome young talents capable of successfully managing complex and ambitious programs.

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