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Mobility grants for PhD students

Need funding to travel to scientific conferences, summer schools, etc.?

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You are a PhD student and you want to travel as part of your training? Whether it is to go to a conference, a summer school or simply to go and train abroad, many mobility grants are currently available.

Mobility grants for scientific conferences

  • Aviva’s $1,000 Travel Grant: Aviva Systems Biology offers a 1 000 $ travel grant to sponsor a researcher’s travel to a conference (particularly to SFN 2019 et 2020)
  • Bio-Techne Travel Grants: Bio-Techne offers a variety of grants for 2019. Two grants are still available. Deadline for applications:  31 December 2019.
  • tebu-bio: Tebu-bio gives researchers the opportunity to apply for mobility grants via their website.


Mobility grants for training

  • NENS Exchange Grants: Going abroad to spend one to three months training at a NENS member school? Apply for the NENS Exchange grant. It covers travel and accommodation costs of up to 3,000 €. Deadline for applications: 15  October 2019.
  • Nicolas Baudin Program: Internships in Australia Initiative: The internships in Australia initiative allows French students to do a research internship in an Australian university, in collaboration with a French company present in Australia. Deadline for applications: 15 October 2019.

Stipends for summer schools

AMU PhD students enrolled in the PhD Program may receive grants up to €1,000 to cover the cost of enrolling in summer (or winter, spring…) schools, by contacting the PhD Program Committee. More information available here.


Other grant programs

To discover other grant programs, check the Campus France directory.

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