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Conclusion of the exhibition "The Art of Science" of NeuroMarseille

The exhibition "l'Art de la Science", which ended on the weekend of January 22 and 23 with an aperitif-debate, has constituted a great adventure, with many visitors and warm exchanges. Review of this event.

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Exhibition “The Art of Science”, review of the event


The “Art of Science” exhibition was a wonderful adventure, combining photographs, meetings and reflections on the links between science and the artistic world. A look back at this NeuroMarseille initiative, from its origin to its conclusion.

At the crossroads of disciplines

Art and science, two disciplines that seem to be opposed to each other... And yet! Aristotle said, "it is through experience that science and art progress". Indeed, artists and scientists share the passion of research, of experimentation in a creative process. Their paths cross without them always being aware of it, even if the tools and materials used differ. The artists are conscious of what they owe to science, and the scientists perceive the presence of art in their work.

From photo contest to gallery exhibition

It is with the aim of opening paths of an encounter between these disciplines that NeuroSchool created in 2018 the NeuroArts Lab in order to give matter, substance and poetry to scientific research. And it is in this context that a photo contest was launched by the NeuroMarseille Institute with the aim of showing the living through images made in the laboratories of Aix-Marseille University. Given the success of this original initiative (more than 30 pictures were sent in), an artistic adventure has begun!

A fabulous setting for a unique event

On the corniche of Marseille, between the sea and the palm trees, the Galerie Le Pangolin is a place of arts and creation. Regularly presenting exhibitions on various themes, it offers its visitors a great presentation space to discover contemporary artists. For two weeks, the gallery hosted our scientific images (photos, photomontages) with incredible aesthetic qualities. Explosive colors and captivating stories in dialogue with the plant works of Flore Gaulmier.

The success of a scientific-artistic initiative!

Neuroblasts-sun, spider-actin, cell-face, synapses-rainbow...! More than 200 people came to visit the exhibition between January 8 and 23: former researchers, photographers, young people in need of culture, visual artists, tourists, educators, biologists... The returns were warm and the exchanges quite singular. The aperitif-debate gave place to beautiful discussions on the relations between arts and sciences and the interventions of the artists-researchers were very instructive.

Aperitif-debate at the Pangolin


The exhibition ended with an aperitif-debate on the afternoon of January 22, to which the winners of the photography contest and the organizers of the exhibition were invited to exchange remarks and reflections on the presence of artistic qualities in the scientific process. Watch this event in pictures, and keep an eye on our youtube channel, as the publication of a video replay is planned for the end of February!

Curator of the exhibition : Laurie ARNAUD & Flore GAULMIER. Gallery owner: Michael SERFATY.


Thank you to the holders of this project, to the management of NeuroMarseille/NeuroSchool, to all the participating artists (students and researchers), to Flore and Michael, to all those present at the aperitif-debate, to the volunteers for the organization (Abdel behind the camera, Nadia for the transport of the works, Théo for the communication).

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