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CIVIS tripartite Neuro-Symposium: figures of a success

With no less than 600 registered people from more than 6 different countries, the first CIVIS Tripartite Neuro-Symposium encountered a great success.

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First CIVIS tripartite Symposium in Neuroscience

The first CIVIS tripartite Neuro-Symposium, which took place online on January 21, 2022, was initiated by three universities of the CIVIS Alliance: La Sapienza University in Rome, Eberhard Karls University in Tübingen, and Aix-Marseille University, thanks to the coordination of the organizers, gathered numerous attendees from different countries.

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A strong cooperation

The organization of this symposium, under the lead of NeuroMarseille, required the coordination of 26 researchers from the 3 universities: although the exercise was difficult, the enthusiasm of the Franco-German-Italian team and the motivation of the speakers made it possible to propose a rich and attractive program.

No less than 12 conferences and a round table on interdisciplinary themes in Neuroscience were presented, and, of course, live questions. The Neuroscience departments of the universities were presented by their directors Pascale Durbec, for the NeuroMarseille Institute of Aix-Marseille University, Davide Ragozzino, for the Neurobiology Research Center of La Sapienza University and Cornelius Schwarz for the Center for Integrative Neuroscience of Eberhard Karls University.

A rich content

The themes of the sessions were:

  • Session 1: Neural network architecture
  • Session 2:Neural stem cells, adult-born neurons
  • Session 3:Social, affective behavior, cognition
  • Session 4:Visuomotor and sensory integration
  • Session 5:Round table on non human primate

In addition to the conferences, the audiance had access to the detailed program on the conferences and their speakers, Neuromarseille / AMU funding opportunities for students and researchers, and to the directory of the Neuroscience research laboratories of  6 partner universities in the CIVIS alliance.

A great success

Thanks to the high quality of the talks and the effort on communication made by the organizing committee, the symposium was a great success with more than 600 people registered on the NeuroMarseille website! Participants came from more than 6 different countries, obviously including France, Germany and Italy,  but also UK, Spain or Greece to name but a few!

Students and researchers logged on massively, with sessions ranging from 200 to 290 at the peak of simultaneous connections.

NeuroMarseille is very proud of this success, and hopes that this symposium will be the first of a long list to provide European universities cooperation with a valuable collaboration tool for the future.

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