Apply for funding: Feedback on training for postdoc!

Discover the testimonies and the most valuable part of this training.


Learn how to write funding proposals that maximize your chances of success.

The principles they learned are applicable to all types of disciplines and funding but being among neuroscientists helped them to go further with their project.

PROGRAM: 2 days of training

Promote your project

  • The “argumentative” method

Be complete and convincing

  • Understanding the criteria of funders
  • The 8 elements that must be included in your application
  • The 3 most overlooked elements: problem, timing, uniqueness

Be clear and concise

  • 2 methods to simplify your text
  • Perfect logical connections
  • 3 common mistakes that make reading difficult
  • Application exercises

Plan and structure your application

  • Pyramid writing to design diagonally readable requests
  • Structure your request very quickly thanks to key phrases:
  • Aims and Objectives
  • Elevator Pitch
  • Convert key phrases into an outline for each section
  • Application to participants’ requests or projects

    Theresa WIESNER (Postdoc, INP)

    The training was very useful. I learned methods to clarify my thinking and be precise in my writing. I enjoyed very much meeting other postdocs and sharing the difficulty of grant writing

      Mathieu LOIZEAU (Postdoc, IBDM)

      It was very useful because it gave us the keys to successfully apply for a grant in a very concise way, with very concrete examples and based on our own research projects. In addition, David Karlin shared with us some tips on how to stand out from a "typical" funding application, tips that are not necessarily known or shared enough within the scientific community.

        Shweta SONAWANE (Postdoc, INP)

        The training was really useful. It completely changed my approach towards writing grants. It helped to have precision in both writing as well as thinking (research ideas)

          Mike ALTOUNIAN (Postdoc, IBDM)

          This course was very beneficial, maybe even more than I expected because we were able to see in depth all the main points necessary to write a grant application with concrete examples directly from our respective projects. Furthermore, we were able to practice writing/synthesizing/emphasizing these key points during the course and finally we corrected them together, thus learning to recognize mistakes in ourselves and in others.

            Victor LOPEZ MADRONA (Postdoc, INS)

            It was better. I was expecting small changes on specific sentences of my project, but we modified everything: title, goals, methods... Indeed, David have us basic advices that can be easily implemented, and more complex ones that will require time and experience to be mastered. 

            David Karlin

            Teaching method

            Experienced trainer, bilingual French/English, having conducted numerous trainings for researchers and doctoral students in the Southeast. His international research experience (at Oxford University) guarantees the adaptation of the training to the international research context. He has obtained >1M€ of research and extension funding, and worked in a research funding agency, the Wellcome Trust. He has also worked for many years in scientific communication, and notably created the public science festival "Le Printemps des Chercheurs" in Marseille.

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