2024 PhD contracts: apply now!

Two types of PhD contracts are currently open for application.

This year again, NeuroSchool is funding 2 types of PhD contracts. The calls for projects are over, so the calls for applications are now open!

PhD contracts for international students

The NeuroSchool PhD Program offers to fully fund 3 PhD contracts for students who have validated a Master’s degree outside France. The call for applications is available here.

Candidates must apply for projects submitted by researchers from Aix-Marseille Université. Applications must be made via the form on the website by April 14, 2024.

Three of the following proposed projects will be funded :

  1. ASSAIANTE Christine (CRPN), RANJEVA Jean-Philippe (CRMBM): Understanding the role of sensorimotor representation in dyslexia: neural basis and impact of comorbidity
  2.  BECLIN Christophe (IBDM): Role of micro-RNAs in the fate determination of neural progenitors during cortex development in the mouse brain
  3. BERNARD-MARISSAL Nathalie (MMG), MARISSAL Thomas (INMED): Oligodendrocytes: a key metabolic support for energy-voracious parvalbumin neurons?
  4. BROCHIER Thomas & MEIRHAEGHE Nicolas (INT): Neural decoding of motor cortex dynamics during learning of skilled arm movements
  5. GESTREAU Christian & MENUET Clément (INMED): Cracking the neuronal code that generates the breathing rhythm
  6. JIRSA Viktor & DEPANNEMAECKER Damien (INS): Multiscale Models to Link Cellular Mechanisms of Dopamine Neuromodulation to whole-brain Dynamics
  7. MANENT Jean-Bernard (INMED): Multimodal profiling of epilepsy onset and progression in preclinical models of cortical malformations
  8. MASSON Guillaume & CAZETTES Fanny (INT): Identifying the distributed neural circuit for strategy selection
  9. MOYON Sarah (INP): Role of oligodendroglial cells in Alzheimer’s Disease pathology
  10. NIVET Emmanuel (INP): Human iPSC-based modeling platforms to study the consequences of astrocytic reactivity in Alzheimer’s disease: from molecular investigations to candidate validation
  11. OUAGAZZAL Abdel-Mouttalib (CRPN): Cortico-pallidal circuits and motor functions: optogenetic, fiber photometry and behavioral studies in normal and Parkinsonian mice
  12. PAPANDREOU Marie-Jeanne (INP): Axonal zoning: interplay between presynapses and the periodic actin-spectrin scaffold
  13. WANAVERBECQ Nicolas & TROUSLARD Jérôme (INT): Are spinal Cerebrospinal Fluid contacting neurons novel interoceptors involved in the modulation of supraspinal autonomic centers?


PhD for MD contracts

The NeuroSchool PhD Program offers to fund one year of a PhD research project in neuroscience within an AMU laboratory for a resident, young MD or PharmD. The scholarship is fully funded by NeuroSchool and aims to foster links between doctors, pharmacists and researchers, to encourage the involvement of doctors and pharmacists in experimental research and to bring scientific, medical and paramedical training closer together. The call for applications is available here.

Applicants must apply via the dedicated call page. The deadline for applications is May 3, 2024.

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