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2020 PhD scholarship winners

Five PhD scholarships were awarded following the two calls launched last spring.

Following the two calls for applications launched at the beginning of 2020, NeuroSchool’s PhD program has awarded:

  • Three 3-year PhD scholarships to high-level students who have obtained a master’s degree in a foreign university.
  • Two PhD scholarships for international co-supervised PhD fellowships between AMU and a foreign university.

In response to these calls, the PhD program received 48 eligible applications from students who applied for one of the 16 projects (9 international and 7 co-tutoring) submitted by all Marseille laboratories. Eleven candidates were pre-selected on the basis of their applications and according to the ranking made by the project leaders.

Auditions were held on Friday, June 5 before a jury including a representative from each NeuroMarseille laboratory. The following results were obtained unanimously.

Results for the PhD scholarships for international students

  • Gaelle Al Haddad will do her PhD at the LNC under the supervision of Marieke Longcamp, on the following topic: French-Arabic bigraphism: behavioural and neuroimaging studies of the interactions between two languages in the motor system.
  • Maya Williams will do her PhD at INT under the supervision of Christelle Baunez, on the following topic: Study of the network involving the subthalamic nucleus in various aspects of addiction in the rat.
  • Surbhi will carry out her PhD at the IBDM under the supervision of Christophe Beclin, on the following subject: Fine-tuning of synapse plasticity: role of micro-RNAs.

Results for the international co-supervised PhD fellowships

  • Guillaume Frebourg was awarded 18 months of funding for the co-supervised project led by Virginie Callot (CRMBM, AMU) and Yvan Petit (ETS, Montreal): Multi-modal analysis of the relationships between mechanical, structural, connectivity and functional alterations of the spinal cord in cervical spondylotic myelopathy and central canal syndrome.
  • Coleen Roger has been awarded 12 months of funding for the co-supervised project led by Jean-Philippe Ranjeva (CRMBM, AMU) and Yu Fu (A*STAR, Singapore): Neural regulation of feeding. A translational approach from mouse to human.

Congratulations to all the winners!




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