Biological engineer in data processing

The data processing biologist engineer will work within the human experimentation team of the LNC. He or she will be responsible for the proper functioning of the experimentation platform dedicated to babies and young children.



Assist in the implementation of research protocols in infants and young children, ensure the validity of the data collection procedure.

Provide technical assistance to the user teams in the implementation of the experiments, in particular through the various behavioral and physiological techniques (EEG, oculometry, heart rate, NIRS, etc.) that may be implemented.

Manage the ergonomics of the platform and implement procedures to ensure the quality of the reception of children and their parents

Assist in the execution of experiments and data processing

Ensure the formatting and storage of data to facilitate further processing.

Contribute to the valorization of results through technical and study reports.

Ensure a technological watch on research in babies and young children.

Manage the recruitment of parents of children: set up recruitment procedures (mailings, emails, telephone), distribution of work, monitoring the effectiveness of the various procedures in order to optimize them.

Desired profile

- Knowledge of current ethical rules and regulations on human experimentation in general, and on (young) children in particular (Jarde law and their decrees of application; procedures for filing a protocol before the committees for the protection of persons).

Knowledge of child development.
- English language: B1 to B2 (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).
- Ability to process behavioral and physiological data.
- Ability to use presentation and communication techniques adapted to different audiences (parents, children, general public).

- In-depth knowledge of the methods of experimental psychology applied to very young
- children.
- Good knowledge in at least one of the physiological techniques used in the platform: (EEG, eyetracking; NIRS); willingness to learn other techniques.

Ability to:
- Interact with involved/involved researchers and students.
- Good interpersonal skills with (young) children and their families (including developing procedures for interacting with children to facilitate their participation in the experiment).
- Participate in the training of students in infant and young child experimentation.


The data processing biologist engineer will work in the human experimentation team of the Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory, a joint research unit of CNRS and Aix-Marseille University. He or she will be placed under the responsibility of Marianne Vaugeoyau. This laboratory is currently in the process of merging with another UMR on the site, and the resulting unit will eventually include approximately 270 members divided into 12 research teams and 7 research support teams.

The position is part of the creation of a shared platform dedicated to the developmental approach in babies and young children, both from a behavioral and physiological point of view.

Depending on the experimental projects, time constraints are to be expected, especially on Saturday mornings.

This position is open to competition. Applications to be submitted on the CNRS platform (opening in June 2023).

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