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Exhibition: "The Art of Science"

NeuroMarseille invites you to a new adventure on the borders between science and art.

Come and discover this exhibition proposed by our Institute of Aix-Marseille University!

The first edition of the photo contest organized by the Institute was a success. It will be followed by a gallery exhibition from January 8 to 23 at the Galerie Le Pangolin.

With a view of the sea, the gallery Le Pangolin is a place of arts, a space of meetings and creative sharing on the Corniche of Marseille. From January 8 to 23, 2022, the gallery will present the exhibition “L’art de la science”, a series of photographs on the theme of life in neuroscience. Produced by artist-researchers from the NeuroMarseille Institute, these aesthetic and pedagogical quality works bring science and art into dialogue. An experience for the eye, stimulation for the brain: come and discover this exhibition proposed by Aix-Marseille University!

❌ Following the recently announced measures, the exhibition will start on Saturday, January 8 at 11 am.

A closing appetizer-debate will take place on Saturday, January 22, starting at 4 pm on the question is the scientific approach devoid of artistic qualities?

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* The exhibition is open from Wednesday to Sunday between 11 am and 6 pm.

Read the exhibition catalog (in French)

Registration for the aperitif-debate on January 22 at 4pm


Is the scientific approach devoid of artistic qualities? Are scientific images so far from a creative work when they become decontextualized?

Scientists answer this question in images by the negative. Democratizing their discoveries, popularizing their results, they give a new face to their discipline, sometimes surprising, sometimes even touching…!

The ten works selected following NeuroMarseille photo contest will be exhibited on the walls of the Galerie Le Pangolin between January 8 and 23, 2022*. Congratulations to all the artist-researchers from eight of our laboratories (INP, INT, IBDM, LNC, INMED, INS, LPC, CRMBM).

  • “Autistic and nanoscope” by François Feron & Nicolas Brouilly (INP)
  • “Neural Turing model ” by Alberto Vergani (INT)
  • “Sunshine in your head” by Marie Falque (IBDM)
  • “HiU” by Christophe Leterrier (INP)
  • “Induction of a genetic deletion in the tanycytes of the hypothalamus in mice ” by Manon Barbot (LNC)
  • “A rainbow in the dark” by Thenzing Judá Silva Hurtado (INMED)
  • “Olfactory circulations ” by Sylvian Bauer (INMED)
  • “Synaptic constellation” by Maxim Cazorla (INT)
  • “Epileptic waves” by Sara Simula (INS)
  • “Inflammatory reaction” by Nada El Mahmoudi (LNC)

* Permanent exhibition on weekdays and weekends between 11 am and 7 pm

Works not selected will appear in the printed and digitized catalogue.

  • “Primary sensations” by Justine Facchini (LNC)
  • “Research waste” by Philip Tsvetkov (INP)
  • “Autism and mitochondria” by Gaëlle Guiraudie Capraz (INP)
  • “Neurons in the stars” by Angélique Puget (IBDM)
  • “Imaging of the cerebral vascularization ” by T-Adriana Perles-Barbaracu (CRMBM)
  • “Swimming” by Jérémy Verneuil (INT)
  • “Baboon family” by Yannick Becker (LPC/INT)
  • “Variable density” by Laurent Perrinet (INT)

Each researcher or student who took part in the competition was offered a large-format printed of her/his work !
In addition, depending on the ranking, the candidates were able to receive a book from our partner bookseller, and the first 3 were graciously awarded a pass for the Rencontres d´Arles, along with a subscription to a photo magazine!

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