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Tutored Seminar

Tutored seminar: Jeremiah Cohen

Neurophysiology of dynamic decision making

On the 10th of December 2019, NeuroSchool PhD Program invites Jeremiah Cohen (Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine) for a seminar about the neurophysiology of dynamic decision making.


Decisions take place in dynamic environments, where the nervous system must continually learn the best actions to obtain rewards. When errors occur in predicting reward, feedback updates the probability of performing an action (i.e. the policy). These reward prediction errors have been mapped to dopaminergic neurons in the midbrain. However, it remains unclear how the decision variables that generate policies themselves are represented and modulated.

Come to the seminar to discover how Dr Cohen’s team linked serotonergic neuron activity and decision-making behavior!


December 10th, 2019 - INS, Timone campus

12:30 pm – Discussion among students – NeuroSchool meeting room, Blue wing, 5th floor
2:00 pm – Seminar (open to all) – Timone campus, INS conference room, Red wing, 5th floor
4:00 pm – Discussion between J.Cohen and the PhD students – NeuroSchool meeting room, Blue wing, 5th floor

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