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New administrative and financial Officer at NeuroMarseille

On March 14, NeuroMarseille welcomed its new administrative and financial officer: Catherine Trillaud.

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Administrative and financial management at NeuroMarseille

The NeuroMarseille Institute and the NeuroSchool University School work together to provide the best possible environment for the students and researchers they host. This represents a massive administrative work to manage, among other things, missions, payment of the Neuroschool financed students, orders for the Problem-Based Learning modules, payment of the suppliers, creation of cost centers for the research calls funded by NeuroMarseille… and to coordinate all of that in relation with central services… Of course, accompanying students with AMU numerous processes is of first importance, as will as keeping the institute’s database up-to-date and spreading information between the internal teams and those of Aix-Marseille University is also mandatory! All of this requires a thorough knowledge of specific tools! After Laurie Arnaud’s departure, NeuroMarseille had to find a new star!

Former administrative and financial officer

Laurie Arnaud :

A graduate in the cultural field and author of a book specialising in art history, Laurie Arnaud has held several positions in renowned institutions in Marseille (Tourist Office, Departmental Archives, National Dance School). Thanks to the chance that NeuroSchool / NeuroMarseille gave her, she was able to retrain professionally in administrative and financial management. From following up of calls for tenders to ordering microelectrodes, and from registering students to organising guests' missions, and from updating budgets to hiring PhD students, Laurie has greatly contributed to the smooth running of the graduate school and the Institute during almost four years.

Eager to evolve within the prominent structure that is Aix-Marseille University, with her experience and considerable skills, she applied and was obviously chosen to become Executive Assistant in the General Services Department (DGS). New place, new missions, new responsibilities... but she won't forget the NeuroMarseille team, which made her grow up! Neither will her excellent nature and motivation be forgotten!

Laurie's LinkedIn profile

New administrative and financial officer

Catherine Trillaud:

NeuroMarseille has recruited Catherine in mid-March 2022 to ensure the administrative and financial management of the Institute. Catherine has a degree in business administration from the IAE of Aix-en-Provence in 2010. She also studied at the Colbert Faculty of Economics and Management in Marseille and obtained a Master 1 in Human Resources. Thanks to several successful experiences in private administration, in school management and in a training organisation, Catherine stood out and convinced NeuroMarseille's management to hire her. 

Her interest in neuroscience (with a particular curiosity about subjects such as Alzheimer's disease or expected innovations) and her interest in popularised science (e.g. the lectures and books by neuropsychiatrist Boris Cyrulnik) motivated Catherine to go the extra mile to get the job! Today, she supports the NeuroMarseille / NeuroSchool team in managing the administrative procedures and budgets of the institute or university school: 15 days and she's already greatly appreciated. We wish her all the best in her new position!

Catherine's LinkedIn profile

After the departure of Ingrid Meucci, her former colleague in communication, Arnaud Laurie has also left the institute for a new adventure. To say that the team is “fresh” is an understatement! With 2 new members, the NeuroMarseille/NeuroSchool office is more motivated than ever! We will do our best to ensure that our services to the community always meet your expectations!


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