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NeuroMarseille grant for "innovative and collaborative research in neuroscience" projects 2023

NeuroMarseille continues to bring its laboratories closer together through its call for innovative and collaborative research (ICR) grants, and to promote state-of-the-art research through its Technical Boost call.
We are pleased to announce the winning projects:

Innovative and Collaborative Research (ICR)

  • Elodie Fino, INMED & Maxime Cazorla, INT 

In vivo characterization of RAIL, a novel photoinducible tool to manipulate neural circuits

  • Nathalie Bernard-Marissal, MMG & Thomas Marissal, INMED

MCT1 from oligodendrocytes: a metabolic support for energy-voracious parvalbumin neurons?

  • Wafaa Zaaraoui, CRMBM & Mathieu Gilson, INT

Multimodal neuroimaging and classification pipeline for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

  • Nicole Malfait, INT & Jan-Patrick Stellmann, CRMBM

Multidimensional functional mapping of motor circuits in Parkinson’s patients combining DBS electrode recordings, HD-EEG and fMRI at 3T and 7T

  • Monique Esclapez, INS & Agnès Baude, INMED

Development of perisomatic inhibition in human and non-human primates

Technical Boost in Neuroscience 2023

We are pleased to announce the winning project:

Maud Gratuze, INP, & Claude Villard, Plateforme INteractome Timon (PINT)

Project: Proteomic heterogeneity behind microglia reactivity in Alzheimer’s Disease

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