Florian Reinhart (2012 graduate)

    Florian Reinhart

    Your path after the master's?

    Directly after the master's, I started a Ph.D. at the CEA in Grenoble, in neuroscience (on Parkinson's disease).

    After my defense in January 2016, I started working as internal scientific communication officer in a cosmetics company.

    What are your duties?

    I am in charge of bridging the gap between the R&D department of the head office (in Germany) and the French distributors.

    develop the scientific training program for distributors.

    What do you like most about your job?

    Relationships. I'm at the interface between scientific research and the sales sector. Communication between the two is not always easy, but it is precisely this challenge that makes my work interesting!
    I work a lot from home, which provides great freedom... but it can also be a trap!

    Interviewed in March 2016

    The advantages

    What did you like most about the neuroscience master’s formation ?

    • Autonomy (especially during the M2 internship)
    • The variety of courses offered, which gives a good overview of neuroscience

    What was most helpful to you ?

    • The knowledge base was helpful during my Ph.D. in order to quickly and effectively understand my field of study.
    • The 6-month internship was valuable in terms of applicable bench skills.
    • I enjoyed the mini-course on communication.

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