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Recruiting participants

Looking for participants for your experiments? Here are some tips for recruiting them.

The text of the advertisement

Indicate :
- the profile(s) you seek:
e.g. Women, 26-30 years old, BAC+2, right-handed, without neurological disease / French-Arabic bilingual men over 50 years old...

- the involvement for the subject:
duration, number of sessions, type of experiments, level of invasiveness: e.g. 3 sessions of 3 hours each (2 for cognitive exercises and 1 for an electroencephalogram)

- monetary compensation, prize draw or other direct or indirect benefit, sometimes simply moral: Help brain research or "we are recruiting healthy subjects over 60 to understand Alzheimer's disease".
- a contact with a phone number and an e-mail
- a place: e.g. Campus Saint-Charles in Marseille

Only a few bulletpoints
, no need for sentences.
Avoid acronyms and scientific jargon
Usually, write in French.

The illustration

Optional but useful (if easy to read)
Ready-made templates online (Canva...)
Scientific images (patients, lab equipment) on BioRender or SMART
Your institution's logo
A QR code with a link to your website (optional)

Obtaining CPP approval

Please note: before posting recruitment materials online for studies that fall under the Jardé law (which defines Research Involving the Human Person), you must obtain the approval of the CPP (Comité de Protection des Personnes). This is mentioned in the Ministry's guide (page 6 of this document: https://sante.gouv.fr/IMG/pdf/2021_05_19_guide_nommage.pdf). In the protocol, you usually write a section on recruitment, this is where you should mention the materials. In any case, study promoters such as the CNRS are more and more sensitive and may ask you for this document when applying for promotion.

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Where to post the ad

Website and social networks of your laboratory

NeuroMarseille-NeuroSchool website and social networks
(Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn): send us your ad

NeuroCommunity group on LinkedIn

Support group on Facebook :
Wanted Community Marseille

Depending on your theme and your lab:
- Via the BLRI Facebook group: Expériences rémunérées - Recherche participants - BLRI
- Via the Relais d'information sur les sciences de la cognition (RISC)
- Via the INT directory of volunteers in human experimentation. You can either :
invite your network to register on this database or ask us to distribute your recruitment ad to the people registered in our database who match your criteria. Click here to make your request. More information on INT's Human Experimentation Platform here.

Via students’ societies or other associations depending on the profile you seek

In "poster" format in university libraries, places where people with the required profile meet...

Data protection

Reminder: the creation of a directory of volunteers must comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). You cannot collect identifying information without informing the persons concerned. To create your directory, contact the Data Protection Officer (DPO) of your institute.

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