Experienced postdoc or engineer - primary neuron cultures

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NEURON EXPERTS is looking for an experienced postdoc or engineer specialized in primary neuron cultures


You are passionate about neurobiology, you like developing new cell culture protocols, teamwork, R&D, you are rigorous ? This position is for you !

Neuron Experts SAS, a service company (CRO) for the pharmaceutical industries specializing in neuron cultures mimicking neurodegenerative diseases, is looking for an experienced postdoc researcher or an experienced engineer for a fixed-term position (4 months renewable) as project manager for a partial employee replacement.

The candidate – AN EXPERIENCED POST DOC RESEARCHER OR ENGINEER SPECIALIZED IN PRIMARY NEURON CULTURES – will be in charge of carrying out the different stages of the studies on in-vitro models, writing protocols, interpreting the results and writing study reports.

Training required

- With a PhD or engineer background in neurobiology specializing in neuron cultures, the candidate will necessarily have at least 2 years of experience abroad.
- Fluency in English is essential.
- Determination, enthusiasm, organization, rigor, and ability to quickly integrate a team are the essential qualities to succeed in this mission !

Desired profile

The candidate will be able to work autonomously, rigorously and will be responsible for ensuring compliance with the protocols and schedules of the technical team.
Under the direction of the head of the department, the candidate will also have to carry out bibliographic research and develop new protocols.

Skills sought

1. Establish and validate customer study and internal research protocols based on scientific articles and company internal protocol sheets.
2. Carry out validated experimental protocols (culture of primary neurons, cell observation, stimulate and mark the cells, etc.) while respecting a defined schedule.
3. Use image analysis software, carry out primary analyzes before validation by the department head and format raw data.
4. Collect the results of these studies and format them.
5. Establish pre-reports and reports before validation by department managers.
6. Develop internal research (R&D) in the neuropharmacology department, keep informed of new experimental techniques and possibly implement them in agreement with your hierarchy.
7. Keep your line manager informed of any anomalies (time, results, protocol.) in studies and R&D.
8. Participate in the cohesion of the technical team and in maintenance of equipment.

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