Bioengineer / Research assistant in cognitive neuroscience

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Mapping brain function with a tablet in patient with intracranial electrodes.


Surgical treatment of epilepsy requires the identification of eloquent brain regions in patient with electrodes implanted intracranially. This functional brain mapping procedure is often performed using so-called localizers protocols, which permit to identify brain networks involved in different cognitive function (e.g., language, memory or visual processing).
To facilitate this procedure, a proof-of-concept project linking clinic and research is currently in development at the Institute de Neurosciences des Systemes. The project aims at implementing existing and new experimental protocols on tablet, for a more ecological and flexible approach. The job will consist in improving the existing setup, in the implementation of new experimental protocols and in recording, managing, and analyzing data.

Desired profile

A profile in biotechnology would be preferred: aptitude in electronic (e.g., Arduino, I/O safety, timing synchronization), skills in programming (e.g., Matllab, Python) as well as knowledge in neurophysiology (e.g., evoked potential) and in signal analysis (e.g., spectral decomposition, ICA, machine leaning). The candidate should also be used to work in English, interested in evolving at the interface of clinic and research.

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