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2019 poster session: our 1st year master's students present their work

At the end of the 1st year (M1),  after their 5 week lab training, our students summarize the purpose of their research project, the methodology they used and their results through a poster. This year poster symposium was held on June 27th, 2019. 

During their master’s degree, thanks to training for and through research, our students learn to work in teams, to elaborate experimental protocols, to manage projects… During their first year, they receive hands-on experience of research through a research traineeship in one of Marseille neuroscience laboratories. Students can also train in another structure, for example abroad, to discover new teams and new techniques, and of course to improve their English. This year, two M1 students traveled to partner universities thanks to our NeuroSchool mobility grants.

Here are some pictures of the 2019 poster presentation. The posters were set up in Saint-Charles campus in a shaded courtyard. Students had to present their poster to an expert researcher in the field in order to be evaluated, but the posters were also exposed all afternoon to allow other researchers or students to benefit from a one-on-one discussion. The day ended with a snack to bring the end of the year to a wonderful close!

This poster presentation enabled our students to step into the real world of research and to discuss their research topic.

In their second year, they will take one more step towards research throughout their 5-month internship, which will end with an M2 thesis and an oral presentation in front of a jury.

For more information about our lab trainings, please read our document entitled FAQ stages (in French).

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