• Molecular exploration

qPCR Technical Platform

Multiservice for nucleic acid detection and assay, with support if required

This platform specialises in quantification of DNA or RNA used in gene expression, copy number variation (CNV) and genotyping.
We can also measure DNA sequence variability by HRM, which is used in SNP genotyping, mutation screening, and methylation analysis.
We run mycoplasma tests and protein determination with DNA probe antibodies for numerous projects.
We’re experts in quality analysis and assay of nucleic acid preparations, multiplex PCR and viral load quantification.


  • Westernblot (protein immunodetection)
  • Genotyping
  • Molecular Quantitation


  • digital PCR
  • Biorad CFX96 QPCR
  • Bioanalyser Agilent
  • Quantus Promoga quantification apparatus
  • StepOne+ qPCR Applied Biosystems


You are looking for a platform to train one or more staff on a particular technique or equipment?

Practical and theoretical qPCR training is available: details to be discussed.


After 17 years and an investment of over €120,000, our platform has seen significant growth in the number of users: « from 5 in 2006, we have reached 44 in 2023« . This makes it one of the most frequently used platforms within the Institute, with an average of 6 hours of use per day.


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