• Cells & Network fonctions exploration
  • Cellular exploration
  • Imaging
  • Neuroanatomy

Photonic Microscopy - PICsL

Optical microscopy for biological imaging, from the subcellular subcellular to whole-organism scale

The optical microscopy department of the imaging center PiCsL-IBDM provides the local, national and international scientific community with expertise from cells to small whole organisms. Our range of services include technical advice, training and experimental design



  • Transparization (tissue clearing )
  • Optical Microscopy
  • Image analysis
  • Histology Immunology
  • Molecular Quantitation


  • 3D scanning & printing
  • Computer Assisted Design / Manufacturing (CAD / CAM)
  • Brightfield Microscope
  • Epifluorescence Microscope
  • Image Analysis Workstation
  • LightSheet Microscope
  • Confocal Microscope
  • Super-resolution microscope (STORM; STORM2, SIM)
  • 2-Photon Microscope
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