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Primate Behavior and Cognition (CCdP)

An exceptional site dedicated to cognitive studies

The platform houses a troop of around thirty Guinea baboons (Papio papio), as well as an operant conditioning device for cognitive which enables cognitive tests to be carried out on this troop.

A key feature of this infrastructure is that it provides free access to a series of 14 operant conditioning stations, adjacent to the enclosure, all equipped with touch screens and reward systems.

These stations are used to present a wide range of experiments on primate cognition, ranging from studies of perception and attention, reasoning, memory, social cognition and language for example.

In practice, baboons can leave their social group at any time to use these devices, and thus contribute to the research on a voluntary basis. This infrastructure enables rich and varied information on the social and  non-social components of behavior, combining cognitive science and ethological observations. All while adhering to the strictest ethical constraints.


  • Automated Cognitive Tests
  • Positive reinforcement
  • Ethology
  • Behavioral Tests


  • ALDM (automated Learning Devices for Monkeys)


This platform is not open to students other than those enrolled in Aix Marseille University courses.

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