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  • Molecular exploration

GeneXprINT / Neuro-Bio-Tools (NBT)

Molecular biology equipment and bioinformatics approaches

The GeneXprINT facility combines bioinformatics and molecular biology expertise for gene expression analysis in neuroscience. It is dedicated to the implementation of general molecular biology technologies, with a specialization in quantitative PCR approaches for transcriptomic analysis (complex samples and single cells). GeneXprINT also offers a genotyping service (mouse model) and training/consulting in molecular biology and bioinformatics.

The GeneXprINT facility provides the INT research teams with :

i) a fully-equipped « molecular biology » technical platform, organized and structured in accordance with the necessary GLP and HS requirements (sectorization, dedicated workbenches and equipment, go forward principle). This technical platform enables to perform, in a controlled environment : nucleic  acid extraction, qualitative and quantitative nucleic acid analysis, PCR, quantitative real-time PCR (qPCR), 96 wells and TaqMan® 384 array card formats , RNAseq library preparation, post-PCR manipulations, molecular cloning and plasmid preparation.

ii) a fully-equipped « patch-transcriptomics » technical platform, organized and structured in accordance with GLP and HS requirements for molecular biology. This specific organization enables electrophysiology experiments to be carried out in a controlled environment, ensuring the necessary conditions for downstream transcriptomic experiments using PCR, qPCR and RNAseq methods on single cells.

iii) a genotyping service (mouse models). Genotyping is carried out using a standardized PCR protocol, optimized for the use of hair follicles. This non-invasive sampling method is in line with an approach designed to improve animal welfare, and does not require any specific authorization. The reporting of results is part of a quality approach that ensures traceability of information between the animal house, the genotyping department and the research teams.

 iv) Theoretical and technical training, support and advice for bioinformatics analyses: sequence analysis, PCR and qPCR assay design.

GeneXprINT is part of the the Neuro-Bio-Tools (NBT) platform which is unique from other neurobiology and molecular biology technical platforms in that it comprises four technology areas: Neuro-Vir (design and production of viral vectors for rodents and non-human primates), Connecto-Vir (design and implementation of neuroanatomy projects using viral vectors), BioMINT (identification of biomarkers for diagnosis and clinical or pre-clinical pathological monitoring) and GeneXprINT (analysis of gene expression in neuroscience)


  • Molecular Quantitation
  • Genotyping on Tail Biopsy and Hair Follicles
  • PCR- Real time PCR- Bulk and single cell samples
  • ADN, ARN, miRNA


  • Bioanalyzer
  • Fast prep
  • Nanodrop 2000
  • Qubit
  • PCR thermocyclers
  • Fast qPCR QS7 (96 wells or gene expression array card)


You are looking for a platform to train one or more staff on a particular technique or equipment?

The GeneXprINT facility can be opened up to training personnel from outside INT, although the current scope of training is essentially INT staff.

Users can be trained in :

  • Good Laboratory Practice, HS in molecular biology
  • PCR: principle, primer design, optimization and implementation
  • qPCR principle, primers and probe design, data analysis (PCR prerequisites)
  • transfer of genotyping skills


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