• Behavior exploration
  • Cerebral functions
  • Data analysis & modeling
  • Electrophysiology
  • Imaging

BodySense Platform (BSP)

Research and development into measuring and interpreting somatosensory body signals in humans

Located at the CRPN at St Charles, the BodySense Platform is dedicated to advancing insights into human somatosensory process, including touch, affective touch, temperature, pain, and proprioception. We conduct experiments on humans using a number of methods, from measuring peripheral physiological signals to perception.

The platform offers non-invasive physiological measurements (e.g. electroencephalography (EEG), electromyography (EMG), electrodermal activity, heart rate), as well as the possibility for microneurography. Unique in France, microneurography – direct recordings from human nerves – has been conducted in Marseille for over 40 years.

We have a number of other tests available to deliver and characterize stimulation applied to the body. This includes methods like monofilament force detection, tactile discrimination and acuity, detection of vibration, affective touch tests, detection of liquids, thermal thresholds (warm, cool, pain). These psychophysical tests are complemented by perceptual ratings and validated sensory and emotional questionnaires.  

The platform also has the capacity for imaging, including pupillometry and eye tracking, combined with virtual/augmented reality, as well as imaging the skin and nerves though ultrasound. Further, we have camera systems to track movements in 3D and at high speed, from larger movements of the body, to millimeter movements of the skin.

We have a number of active academic collaborations, including within France, Europe, and the USA and have a history of successful international collaboration. We also work with external companies throughout the world, such as with the cosmetic industry.


  • Behavioral Tests
  • Physiological parameter monitoring and analysis
  • Human Non-Invasive Electrophysiology
  • MicroNeurography
  • SomatoSensory Testing
  • ElectroMyography
  • ElectroEncephaloGram
  • Eye Tracking/ Pupillometry
  • Human Physiology


  • Thermal stimulator
  • Rotary tactile stimulator
  • High-speed camera
  • Motion tracking
  • Ultrasound
  • 3D scanning & printing

Services submitted to charges

Do you have a project that requires an expertise, a technique or an equipment that you don’t have? You’re not looking for scientific collaboration, but for the expert who can meet your needs? Then you’ve come to the right place!

We offer services relating to all aspects of research in human somatosensory processes. These include experimental services, where we can conduct experiments for you, analysis services for data processing, as well as report writing. We can also help you with experimental design of such experiments and help in technical development.

360° video of the platform: click on the arrows to travel around the room!
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