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  • Cellular exploration
  • Cerebral functions
  • Molecular exploration

Neuro-Vir / Neuro-Bio-Tools (Neuro-Vir / NBT)

Viral vector production

The Neuro-Vir operational facility provides technological expertise in the production of viral vectors (AAV and neurotropic viruses, specially rabies virus)  for the transfer of nucleic sequences (gene, cDNA, sh/miRNA, etc) into different experimental models (in vitro and in vivo; rodents and non-human primates)


  • Cell culture
  • Viral vectors production and purification
  • Design and Engineering of Recombinant AAV (rAAV)
  • In silico Plasmidic Vector design and engineering


  • L2 and L3 lab

Services subject to charges

Do you have a project that requires expertise, a technique or equipment that you don’t have? You’re not looking for scientific collaboration, but for the expert who can meet your needs? Then you’ve come to the right place. Fee-based services, estimates on request

NeuroVir facility seeks to generate customized viral vectors adapdted to neuroscientists. It offers different services including user advice, design and production of plasmid constructions and the production of viral vectors in particular recombinant AAV and rabies viruses. NeuroVir facility can also validate our tools using different techniques of molecular and cellular biology such as cell transfection, western Blot, q-PCR and cytometry. Costumers must submit a request via NeuroVir form on the website OpenIris (https://iris.science-it.ch/). If the vector to be produced is a GMO, a GMO agreement number required

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