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Neuro-Immune Alterations caused by Cytomegalovirus (CMV) Infection of the Developing Brain

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Overall, the project focuses on one of the most frequent causes of neurodevelopmental disorders, and consists in identifying and in evaluating the role of early cellular (e.g. microglia), molecular (e.g. prostaglandin pathway) and immune (e.g. viral chemokines) alterations in CMV-related neuropathogenesis, using a model of in utero CMV infection of the rat developing brain and a combination of approaches and tools, such as RNA sequencing, flow cytometry, ex vivo patch-clamp and extracellular recordings, in vivo drug assays, nanotools, genetically-engineered rat strains, behavioral tests, etc.

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Good background in neuroscience with a strong interest in integrative approaches on animal models, combining the cellular,
molecular, electrophysiological and behavioral levels. A taste for neuroimmunology, and the related knowledge, will be
appreciated. High motivation, adaptation, curiosity, critical thinking, independence but also team spirit, perseverance and great capacity for work are expected.

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Our team is located at INMED (, a joint INSERM-Aix-Marseille University research Institute with excellent international reputation. The main objectives of INMED are the study of the development and plasticity of the brain and of the pathologies of brain development. INMED is a living place where sharing of expertise, resources and equipment facilitates the emergence of collaborations and exchanges between teams and with other research centers of the Luminy campus, strengthening the thematic coherence of the Institute and facilitating multidisciplinary approaches.
The team is presently composed of five tenured INSERM and CNRS researchers, one tenured INSERM engineer, and three PhD students. Three members of the team (Pierre Szepetowski, DR1 CNRS, team leader; Sylvian Bauer, CR CNRS, co-PI; Carla Crespo-Quiles, PhD student) are more selectively involved in the CMV project. See more at

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