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What to do after graduating?

Marseille neuroscience pole of excellence provides invaluable training opportunities for the master’s students (in over fifty research teams).

Moreover, fifteen private companies (local or regional) participate in the master’s program, including through internships, thus promoting the link with the socio-professional environment.

Our master’s primarily prepares students for executive jobs in research and development in fundamental and applied areas:

  • researchers,
  • teachers and professors,
  • clinical research associates,
  • engineers
  • technical sales executives,
  • communication officer,
  • project managers…

Opportunities can be found in various sectors:

  • public research
  • education, serious games, e-health
  • care or rehabilitation centers
  • pharmaceutical and biotech companies
  • private research centers
  • charities
  • physical activities and sports
  • robotics and artificial intelligence…

Every year , the Observatory of Student Life conducts an investigation to find out what our graduates are doing 30 months after obtaining their master’s degree:

  • between 28.1% and 45.5 % of respondents were pursuing a PhD,
  • between 17.9% and 24.1% were physicians,
  • between 7.1% and 13.8% were seeking employment.

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